Urban Chained

I made these two projects using my Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful. IMG_6676IMG_6677

I have to admit that I messed up the pattern. I started cutting late at night and didn’t make a shorter more narrow link…..like I was supposed to. I made it shorter just not narrow….so it’s a bit different. But I still love the quilt. I also made a few more rows to get a twin size quilt. 🙂IMG_6672 IMG_6673

I used a solid kona gray for the background. I used fat quarters from a  FQ bundle I bought of Denyse Schmidt’s fabric called  “Shelburne Falls”. It’s modern vintage fabric.

The Quick Curve Ruler is my new favorite ruler…..I have to say I am not a gadget queen. I am not the person who goes and buys a tons of new tools and gadgets…..I would rather buy fabric quite frankly.  But this ruler and Jenny’s line of patterns are really worth it. Her patterns are written beautifully with great pictures and specific instructions…..(How I could mess up..I don’t know?) and she has tons of tutorials on her blog for added help. I also participated in her medallion Quilt along over the summer. 🙂IMG_6674

You can find her blog here ( There is also links to her shop where she sells all of her patterns and rulers)…if you are local my LQS, The Fabric Patch also sells all of her patterns and rulers.IMG_6675


As far as quilting….I wanted it to be simple. I was a bit stumped as far as the fabrics I chose…..very modern type design….I love simple straight lines…So I just loaded my quilt side ways…and used my channel locks to make randomly placed straight lines…vertically across my quilt. I love the effect. 🙂 I used gray thread. Two layers of batting. Legacy 80/20 and a hobbs poly down. IMG_6681

I had some odd and end blocks without mates..so I put them together to make this scrappy table runner. I almost like the scrappy version a bit better…but I happen to love scrappy. I quilted this a bit differently. I was playing with designs. I have actually quilted 3-4 Urban Chains because my LQS had a class and They were fun to quilt…but they were shop quilts so I didn’t take pics of them. each one had a much different theme and I quilted several different ways. I love doing that with quilts..it just doesn’t happen very often. 🙂IMG_6678

And the back:IMG_6679



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