Urban Angles and Jelly Race

Deb sent these quilts. She always has great projects and she is great to work with. 710Usually when I open her box to see what is there …there is usually a quilt pattern or fabrics that I have never seen before. So she is really good at finding the unique and interesting quilts. I love that because then I am challenged to quilt them in the same way.

710 709

I had fun with this one…I copied several of the designs in the fabrics. So that it would all make sense. I also kept all of the designs non-organic because of the nature of the design.

708 707

You can see that there are patterns in the fabrics but they are minimal but they make a statement.

706 705 704Here is the back:


This next one is a jelly race quilt ….and I have made several of these myself. Such a good way to use scraps or extra jelly rolls that we have laying around.

699 700I quilted free wavy lines that kind of overlap to mimic the  design in the outer border.

701 702 703A few fun ones to share after I have been gone for a few days! I have several more to share. 🙂

I hope you all have an awesome day!


One thought on “Urban Angles and Jelly Race

  1. Like both of these. Really neat how you did the quilting on the first one….the back is as interesting as the front!! Roses to both of you quilters…..

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