Update & Memory Quilt

Hi Friends, Sorry that I have been gone for a few weeks..I know that is unlike me…although becoming more frequent. I promise it will be better from this point on…:)  I have so many pictures to post its pretty crazy! So anyone waiting for that…I am sorry. I am going to get them posted. 🙂

I have been treading water getting all of my work done before Graduation and Surgery. Tomorrow is the big Graduation day. I think I have been trying to avoid everything because well I just don’t want to face it. I want to relish in the fact that we have gotten Bryce this far…..but I am also trying to avoid the heartbreak that is going to happen. I am proud of him and know that he will be ok in the world. He can hold down a job & he can go to school. I am just sad that I won’t see him everyday. I also think it’s going to be really quiet around here because he’s my loud one…with tons of energy. I also think it’s going to be different with only 4 children. Each year this same type of change keeps happening ..it’s what we train them for….but I don’t know that I will ever be ready to see them fly. But it’s life and I am extremely happy.

I also had a family situation this week that caused me some worry. That seems to have dissolved itself. I am also flying out in a few days to have weight loss surgery …I am excited to start that new journey and basically get surgery over with. I think it will also take my mind off of the fact that now we will only have a family of 6. Bryce is moving out Sunday or Monday and I leave on Tuesday. So lots of changes in a small amount of time.  But again the changes that keep occurring are also putting me in a place to focus on myself more…and start taking care of my body. So it’s a good thing.

I will keep you posted. But thought I would share this Memory quilt. Beth makes them for graduates. So this was the last one for this year.

IMG_1817This is for twin girls….it’s actually a gift to their mom. 🙂

IMG_1816I love these quilts because they are so personal.

IMG_1815Beth is such a  nice friend….very generous. 🙂

IMG_1814I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will be back this afternoon with more pictures!



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