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HI friends,

Well things have been CRAZY!! as I have predicted.

We got home from Disneyland (DL) and I have been busy (per USual) …..Thank you! 🙂

The second house that we wanted to buy..sold out from under us while in DL. So we have looked at the market in our area and there is nothing for sale that would work for us. Other than the first house ( 4 doors down from us) that we originally wanted. It’s still for sale…but she is not wanting to sell it for what it’s worth…and knowing she hasn’t made a payment in so long is a risk. I have never in my adult life paid more money for a house than what it is worth…and I refuse to do that now. Not to mention going upside down with all of the repairs that need to be done …just to be able to live in it.

So it’s sad.

I really wanted a bigger studio and Rob wanted a garage. But that apparently isn’t in the cards for us at this time. It will happen in God’s timing. But I think we are going to take the house off the market. We are not in a position of being able to sell our house and move into a transitional home until we find something. I work from home. Putting a couple of long arms into a rental or an apartment just isn’t going to work for me. I need to be able to move into a permanent home when I sell my home. So it’s pointless to have the house on the market if we can’t accept an offer. So we will just have to wait until there are a few more options on the market with people who are willing to accept a reasonable offer.

Rob and I had a great time in DL. it was nice weather, good food and fun times with my brothers.

We flew out on the perfect day because we actually made our flights…as we have had a terrible winter. Probably the worst one I have ever had here in Ephrata. The kids got dumped with Snow. We flew out of Seattle…and were able to make it back home over the mountains on the day we flew back home. After that night the interstate had been closed for several days because of the weather. After Christmas break there has been so much snow my kids didn’t go to school for 2 weeks…so they didn’t go to school for a month…seriously. On top of that our school district didn’t schedule any snow days. So we have been given a “state of ER” so our kids are not spending half of their summer in school. But it is stressful because seniors still have to have a certain amount of days to graduate. So  it’s been a topic of discussion around here. We are still getting more snow. I don’t mind the snow…I don’t like driving in it….but I just take my time and go with it.

Cole is my senior this year. he is also the one who broke his ankle during a basketball game in December. God bless him…he didn’t have to have surgery. He was able to wear a boot and walk on crutches..x-rays weekly ..eventually PT. He was able to make the last game of his senior year. That was last Saturday. So it was also senior night. Parents are all called up to take pictures with their favorite athlete on the court in front of the crowd. His dad, brothers, and Godparents drove into town and shared the evening with us. It was very special. Then he got to play. It was his goal. It was the last game of the regular season. But they did make the playoffs …so he gets to play in a few more games. That is a great feeling for him. He was so upset thinking he wasn’t going to be able to finish the season in his senior year. So he worked hard and did his best to heal and follow through with his therapy.

Clarissa has started going to pottery class with me. I am really worried about her. So I am trying to find anything to bring her out of her shell and get her to interact with anyone. She is an introvert ..which is ok. But I think she is struggling on many levels. Hormones because she is a teenager.   But also the loss of her brothers. She loses a sibling every year and I didn’t really think about or realize how all of this was affecting her. Our house used to be crazy and chaotic, loud, and full of laughter and energy. It isn’t anymore. the two brothers that are still home are older, rarely home and they are the quiet ones even when they are. Our house is so different and I think she is feeling lonely and neglected. It’s not like I can do anything…it’s just their time to leave. So it’s an adjustment. This summer those two boys are leaving for college…so she is going to be an only child. I am very concerned for her. She doesn’t invite friends over and she doesn’t go to friends house typically. So it’s just her and I for the most part. I don’t care about that …but I don’t want to hinder her childhood or for her to miss out on anything. But her brother Carl is like that too. So I am just trying to do the best I can.

I am feeling very stressed about all of the political madness that is happening. I am bombarded with media and political stuff constantly. It’s my fault. I have been considering staying off FB for awhile just because it’s a frenzy of stuff.

I am losing myself in the madness. The truth is that I am a conservative…but also a moderate conservative. I hate all of the extremism and it’s getting scary. I wrote about the election last year and my struggle to vote. I didn’t like either option I had to choose from….but I made a choice. No matter who won —>I felt like we were all going to lose. However, no matter whomever won I would support the title. If HRC won she would be my president. If DT won, he would be my president. 

DT is my president and I just feel like we must accept it, support him and move on. That is not happening. I feel like I can’t even mention anything without there being this visceral reaction from someone. It’s staggering. Religion and politics has always been a hot topic….but this is just LAVA!! So I am just trying to get back to my happy place…I am not sure if there will ever be one. At least for 4 years. I get that people don’t want to accept that is our reality …there have been many times in my personal life that I have had to accept a reality that I didn’t want to. I mean, I was born into a white trash family….and I have siblings that make the news on a regular basis….nobody wants to accept that kind of reality ( when you see on the 5 o’clock news what your siblings have done to a 16 year old girl)..it’s insanity. But you just accept it and move on. Until we accept it we can’t form a plan of action to do what we need to do to make the world a better place. The truth is that change happens within ( no matter who is leading our country). So once we start changing from within it effects our loved ones, our friends, our community and goes on from there…the ripple effect. We can do more good working from our small place than we can complaining about our leadership. In my humble opinion. I don’t think we can change anyone minds or positions. But I do believe if we focus on the things we can control and change ..positive things will happen and make everything just a bit better.  

  So Instead of focusing so much on the news, I have been immersing myself in TED talks (great app!) and reading my bible. It’s helping me.

 Last year I really wanted to start taking some more college classes and bettering myself for the next phase in my life. I want to learn better writing skills, computer skills ect. I had paid my registration fee and registered for classes…then my grandma got sick and I spent so much time with her that I just couldn’t last year. So I am planning on registering for college again this year. I am just trying to figure out my plan of action. I have several trips planned and I want to be able to work and go to college at the same time. So I need to figure out what I can handle. I am also trying to convince Rob to at least take one online class …to further his education.

As far as a weight update….it’s been about 19 months since my surgery. I have maintained the same weight and size as I have for over a year now…and I am happy that I am maintaining. But still feel I could lose more weight. I will ….But the fact that I have maintained makes me feel good.

So that is my current update, thoughts and feelings during this hectic time.

I hope that you are all having a blessed 2017. I am excited about my journey this year.





One thought on “Update for US

  1. Hello Dear One,
    Sorry to hear about the house, You will get one in due time.
    Hope you and baby girl have a great time in pottery class.
    Try not to worry to much about her she has had a lot of changes in a short time.
    I love getting a letter from you , It is nice to see a small part of your
    life. I love to see your videos on embroidery I really learn something new from you
    with each new video.

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