Unfinished Yard Projects…Still in Progress.

Well I have to say I get real upset and bidgigity when I have all of these half started/finished projects. I get that way with my quilts….I get that way with house projects. Why is it that my husband doesn’t care? (or men) in general? At least the men in my house.  In Rob’s defense he has been working 6 days a week…but honestly I think he would rather work at work..than work at home. Is that a defense?

So I took pictures of where we are now.

1. Retaining wall and Trellis area. IMG_6514

What’s left?

1.Braces on all of the boards that go across the top.

2.Some arms on the posts to stabilize it.

3. Stairs that go from the top of the incline into the area.

4. Dirt back fill

5. The Cobblestone flooring.

6. I did manage to find some water fountains that  I will put in the center come spring. I bought them on Clearance and I am going to set them up and arrange them pretty. I have to pain one of them. I like that part of the yard because of all the trees. There are not any natural trees in our area. We live in the dessert. Trees are all planted. IMG_6512 IMG_6513 I also got a shot from our deck.  IMG_6517

I am going to plant vines on there next year. So it will look more inviting.

I took a few different shots so you can see what it looks like. But this area was yucky because for years it had a pool…then a trampoline for the kids. So we had to do something to dress it up and make it functional for a family that doesn’t have little kids anymore. 🙂

2.This is the storage shed….still in progress.IMG_6511


1. roof

2. door

3.All the trims and finishing work

4. paintIMG_6510


3. We also have a deck that is only about a quarter of the way done…. *sigh*

The boys started the pathway today. They decided it was to cold to continue ( nice excuse) and they made a few stencils so they could dry out and then they will use the stones to fill in the pathway where needed when they decide to actually start working. Hopefully before next spring. IMG_6504

I tried to get a few shots of the area to show the before and afters. we have a Dog pin area on the side of the house ( that the dogs have never used) and you can see the basketball hoop that’s in the front yard….That pathway will go all the way from that fence to the back patio….then the patio…then there will be a pathway from the patio to the stairs that will go into the trellis area.   IMG_6515

Here is the start of there cement work. IMG_6516

They tried to create a barrier for the dogs ( using the wheel barrow and other items from the yard/patio)….it didn’t work. So we will see how this works out.

I am really hoping this can all be completed before snow…and freezing weather. I want to start the spring with fun things. 🙂


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