Underground Railroad



Karen sent this Underground Railroad quilt. ( I quilted one recently from the same group of friends) She liked that quilting and said I could quilt it the same way……but she had added an extra border and wanted the feet left alone….I completely agree. I love the symbolic feet. I was trying to think of the correct word to use for the feet….how best to describe them and the only thing I could think of was …Soulful. I am not sure that fits but the feet just touched my soul. It’s beautiful.



If you have not seen this quilt before each block tells a story of the underground railroad…and the last block in the quilt tells the meaning of the story.   I have quilted a few of these quilts since I have been a longarmer…and I love each one.




037 038 039 040Here’s the back:

042Thanks Karen, You always do a great job! Thanks for working with me.

Many blessings to all of you on this beautiful fall day!


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