UFO List ( Updated)

Well it’s been awhile since I have updated my UFO list.

Here is the last one I found:

1. Unquilted quilt tops – This is never ending…..I just don’t quilt my own in a timely manner. When I have down time I like piecing..it breaks up the monotony of “work”

2. crazy quilt-  **this will require hand work…..and that always takes me longer.

3. Dear Jane *making progress on this*…I was making progress on this…Now I am stalled.

4. colorful trees- I may ditch this project because it may never come together.

5.Embroidery projects I started years ago. I am not in love with these projects…but like I said..I want to finish everything I start. ** I am actually making progress on these and hideous as they are.

6. Autumn wool BOM- I have done nothing with this project

7. Block Exchange quilts- This I completed! YAY!!

So I am not sure that much has changed except I get to now add to this list.

7. Perkiomen Daydreams- Blocks are finshed…I just need to put it together.

8. Whack-a-Doodle Lane

9. Beth’s Birdie Love Quilt

10. Bird Dance

11. Quote Quilt

12. Wool Penny Projects

13. Rainbow Garden

14. Wild & Goosey

OK this is keepin it real! I had added as many items to the list as there were. AS much As I always want to start new blocks & clubs!! I really can’t I have so much on my plate I just need to finish a few of what I have started!

I know it seems daunting but sometimes If I write out this list it does inspire me to pick up an old project and get to work so that I can clear it out and feel good about starting something fresh. If we get bogged down with so many UFO’s it might stop us from wanting to do anything. It feels more like responsibility than fun. Once I pick up something old that I think I can finish…it inspires me..because I love that sense of accomplishment. Know what I mean?

I Hope you all have a Super Fabulous day!





One thought on “UFO List ( Updated)

  1. I finally let go of some xstitch and embroidery ufo’s I no longer cared for. It was such a huge relief and I can’t even remember what most of them were! It’s only been about 6 months since I ditched them 🙂
    Your posts do inspire me to finish up some of my own ufo’s…thanks and good luck to us both!

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