UFO List August 2016

So I found this is the last time i looked at my UFO List on this post HERE.

1. Unquilted quilt tops – This is never ending…..I just don’t quilt my own in a timely manner. When I have down time I like piecing..it breaks up the monotony of “work”

2. crazy quilt-  **this will require hand work…..and that always takes me longer.

3. Dear Jane *making progress on this*…I was making progress on this…Now I am stalled.

4. colorful trees- I may ditch this project because it may never come together.

5.Embroidery projects I started years ago. I am not in love with these projects…but like I said..I want to finish everything I start. I actually have finished all of the hand embroidery. Now I just have to finish getting them quilted. SO I get to put this is category 1.


6. Autumn wool BOM- I have done nothing with this project* I have actually put a fe blocks together.

7. Perkiomen Daydreams- Blocks are finished…I just need to put it together. They have been finished for like 2 years…I am going to make this a priority.** so this one I decided to pull out a few weeks ago and I had enough strips cut for anotehr set of blocks. So Yes..I started another one. I figured it would be just as easy to sew 2 tops together at teh same time rather than 1. So I woudl say I am about halfway through my second set of blocks.

8. Whack-a-Doodle Lane- All of my houses & trees are done…all 365. I just need to sew a few of the bog blocks and set them. This will take awhile.

9. Beth’s Birdie Love Quilt ** Finished

10. Bird Dance

11. Quote Quilt** Finished

12. Wool Penny Projects ** I think I have one left? Maybe 2

13. Rainbow Garden*8 I have all of my blocks finished now. I just have to put it together.

14. Wild & Goosey #2 * I decided to make more blocks and do a different setting So I am actually close to being able to put this together as well.

15. Disappearing 4 patch.** Finished

16. paper pieced stars…I started from scraps and never finished.** Blocks are finished. I just haven’t done anything with them. There are only 4 of them. So I didn’t know what I would do with them. Maybe stick them in a scrap quilt.

17. Bliss stars** I finished the blocks than decided I wasn’t sure how I wanted to set it. 

All of those are started and in progress. Sad as that is. 🙂 I need to get a few finished so I can feel good about starting different projects.

Some things I want to start:

  1. Farmers wife
  2. pineapple quit
  3. spider web quilt
  4. majestic mountains with an inspirational panel

I have started none of these….because I start other things. LOL

So Here is my new list:

  1. Unquilted quilt tops
  2. Crazy quilt
  3. Dear Jane
  4. Colorful trees
  5. Autumn Wool quilt
  6. Perkiomen Day dreams ( 2)
  7. Whack-A -Doodle Lane
  8. Bird Dance
  9. Wool Penny Projects
  10. Tula Butterfly Quilt- Blocks are all done
  11. Rainbow Garden
  12. Wild & Goosey 2
  13. Bliss Stars
  14. Christmas Quilt by Lori Holt
  15. Splendid Sampler
  16. Bertie’s Year
  17. Scrappy stars ( trade quilt)
  18. Young Man’s fancy scrap blocks
  19. Heart quilt
  20. project 365


Ok That’s 20 UFO’s I am insane!!


I think that’s enough REALITY for me to face right now. I need to get some work done.





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