Twist and Turn Bargello

Hi Everyone.
Well Genny sent me this bargello….I LOVE bargellos. They are just so stunning. I have made at least 4 myself but I never keep them…because they just always say they belong to someone else…LOL.

But Genny made this and the owner likes contemporary modern no foo-foo quilting…just simple lines to accentuate the pattern.. I also quilted free hand lines in the border to just match the theme of simplicity.

Bargellos can be quilted with all over stipple and be just as pretty as one all gussied up because it’s is really about the fabrics and the movement created by the piecing…..That is just my personal opinion.. of course.

Thanks so much for looking.

2 thoughts on “Twist and Turn Bargello

  1. Nice, these quilts catch my eye every time I see them…I would love to make one someday but I think it is still alittle to advanced for me. Hugs T

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