Twinkling Stars

Sher sent me this little sparkler.IMG_8813-001

Sher was my boss 10 years ago…..when I first moved to Ephrata. Well actually she hired me when I was pregnant with Clarissa ( who turns 11 this month). She took a chance on a pregnant new comer to town. That is pretty unheard of around here. IMG_8814

I had tried quilting but could ever make anything line up right …and I was frustrated all of the time. I didn’t know the tips & tricks of quilting. So Sher , Mary & I all took a beginning quilt class together. Then we took a few more classes…..Navaho Rose ect. It was fun.  IMG_8815-001 IMG_8816

I think the bug is finally get back with Sher… she sent this for LAQ. It’s pieced beautifully and I recognize many of the fabrics. She asked for all over stipple but I added some twinkling stars to give it some sparkle.

The back is pieced…it looks like a modern quilt. *heart*IMG_8817-001

This is heading back to Vegas. Thank Sher! It’s still a pleasure working for you *wink*

Have a great day!

One thought on “Twinkling Stars

  1. The quilting really compliments the terrific blues in the quilt. Nice job by both you and Sher.

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