Cross Quilt Tutorial

Well I was thinking about making a tutorial on the “Cross quilt” This will be a work in progress this whole week. I don’t own the copyright for the was originally a picture from a crochet pattern listed here:

I loved the design so much I made it into a’s been posted several times…and I have quilted several more. I was inspired to quilt in a very specific way….Which was really my work or interpretation.

However, I have done the math and graphed out the pattern in 4 patches. You could make them in rows or however you feel would be the easiest way for you…but for me I thought 4-patches would be the easiest. In total you will need 72 -4 patches.

The color break down is this a total of 288 squares. Background would be 128. Color squares 160.

If you want the Cross to be a different color then subtract 28 squares…the cross is a total of 28 (colored)squares. My tutorial uses random colored squares and white background squares..however I am including the numbers if you wanted your cross to be a different color from the background( say a wood grain fabric or something?).You will have to do the work if you want the borders to be separate color or work in rows. I just find that the piecing goes faster for me if I can chain piece 4 patches.

As far as what size squares you need? You can make then any size you want. If you would just like to make a wall hanging then I would use 2 inch squares. I am using charm squares because that is just readily available and it makes a good size twin (after I add a border..before that it is probably just a regular twin). A good size lap quilt makes up well with 4 inch squares. If you want a queen size..I would use 6-6.5 inch squares.


So you will need 28- 4 patches that look like this

3 colored and 1 background color. If you were going to make the cross a separate color (say like wood grain) you will need 4 of these (subtract from the 28) made with the color of your cross.

next you will need 35 ->4 patches that look like this:

Again if you are making the cross a separate color you will need 6 of these to be half background half cross color.


Now you will need 8-> 4 patches of this :

If you want the cross to be a separate color you will need to make 4 of these with the cross color and 3 background colors.

Now last you will only need two of these:

All background pieces in a four patch

Darn it! I miscounted somewhere because there is a total of 73..LOL. Oh well we will have an extra four patch somewhere..we can use it for a label. right? That’s called a design opportunity..not a mistake!

So here is all of our 4 patches:

This can’t be to difficult right?
we can chain piece a few of these every day once they are cut and it will be done lickety-Split! after we get our four patches finished we just have to refer to the diagram as to how to sew our 4 patches into I get my rows done I will show pictures….Sound good? Let me know if you want to join me in making this quilt..I would love to post pictures of all your quilts as well!


OK well on Sunday evening I sewed all of my four patches….( I stayed up kind of late) and yesterday night a series of unfortunate events let me sew as well. ( so could it really be considered unfortunate?) So I got the first four rows done..I tried to take pictures…but they just don’t look all that great because I used pastels colors.and the rows are pretty long…so getting a photo with my short self isn’t going to read well. Then I had this great idea to put them in the I could take pictures from up bedroom window…they are still so light, long and I am further away….I had Bryce my 15 year old help me…he was a good sport especially when the rows kept flying away..LOL. Here are my pictures anyway…if nothing else at least you know it can be done fairly quickly. I will probably have the rest of my rows tonight..I have a show quilt coming and will be working steadily to get it completed.

There is the first row…all the rest of the pictures show the progression of each can start to see the cross emerging..I love that!

Now the third row:

OK Now the fourth row….


Ok So I totally forgot to post this last week. I actually did finish my quilt on Thursday..well I want to add a border….

I have these pictures here….you can see that I messed up a few blocks {Bryce is laying out the rows for me….} So I ripped them out and re sewed…



you can see the pictures of my highlighted rows as I sewed along.

Here is my finished quilt.

So After I posted this tutorial.. I went and bought materials to make a new design board..that way I can post my blocks and rows on a design board to take better pictures. So If I make another cross quilt I will be sure to track my progress again to post better pictures..but I think if you can get your 4-patches accomplished…and then follow the are good to go. Let me know if you need any help or have any questions.

If you would like this all in a PDF please click here: Cross Quilt Tutorial


Thanks so much!

Happy Quilting!