Below you will find  links to my quilt tutorials.  Please enjoy!

Paper Piecing Tutorial

Thank You Rainbow

By The Cross Pattern

Cross Quilt Tutorial
Quote Quilt Tutorial
Bullion Knot Tutorial
Wool Penny & Confetti Embroidery Tutorial

Wool Penny & Confetti part 2- finishing. Tutorial

French Knot and Pistil Stitch Tutorial

Lazy Daisy Stitch Tutorial

Chain Stitch Tutorial

Couched Rose Tutorial

Drizzle Stitch

Fly Stitch

Feather Stitch

Woven circle/Rose

Whipped Woven Spider Web stitch

Quilting a border on the wool penny projects

Palestrina Knot

Jelly Chain Tutorial

Happy Quilting!

116 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I make what I call, ” Prayer mats “, which basically are between 12 inch , up to 14 or 15 inch , quilt blocks. I started thinking about being covered in God’s presence when I was quilting one day, and the mats became something that I have started to create to give to others who I know need God’s presence to cover them. This pattern I can envision in 2 inch squares to make maybe a prayer mat, Charisma..Just dreaming! Hope you are doing well!

  2. Thanks for the tute and girl I love the quilt and fabric…I want to make one of these for my couch…thanks again and love ya!

  3. Just wanted to thank you for a beautiful pattern and such clear directions. My granddaughter is going to give this a try. We appreciate you sharing this simple but gorgeous quilt pattern.

    1. Thanks Ana!
      Yes..Lets’s keep in touch! Let me know if you make a cross quilt! I would love to see yours!

  4. I sent you an email a few minutes ago and then realized you have a tutorial for this quilt. So please disregard my previous message. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much for sending this to me. I just found this quilt and you on Etsy. Your work is amazing. To have a vision like you have and create works of art. Hope to have one of these done soon. How much do you charge to quilt this particular one??? Ginger

  6. I saw this quilt on a post on Quiltville Studio today and one of the ladies kindly put your website on for us.
    I would very much like a PDF copy of this pattern. It is just beautiful.
    Thank you so much, LOrraine

  7. I would love to make this as a wall hanging for church! Please send me the PDF if that is possible and thank you for sharing!

    1. For the 25th time, what a life you lead! My dog had skin cancer a couple of years ago, and they went after it with a veeenancg, took out a big chunk, but today she's happy as only a dog can be. Give bunny my best!And way to go on the partial! So happy for you!

    1. I love this quilt, thanks for sharing! Would you mind emailing me a copy of the PDF tutorial?

      Thank you, God Bless


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  8. I just love your quilting!!! You are so generous to share
    your quilts and patterns with us!

    God Bless You!!!

  9. What a beautiful quilt and outstanding quilting on the Cross Quilt. I always enjoy seeing your quilted quilts. Please send me the PDF tutorial. Thanks so much.

  10. Your quilt is beautiful and I love your thought process in quilting it. Could you please send me the PDF for this quilt.
    Thank you and may God bless you and those you make quilts for.

  11. Today I featured your tutorial on my Facebook page, Quilting Time in Dixie. I added a photo that I had in my files. I do hope it is your photo. I always try to give proper credit. pj

  12. Your cross quilt is beautiful I’ve decided to make one for myself Hope it comes out as beautiful as yours thanks so much for sharing. Happy Quilting

  13. Would love the PDF for the cross quilt.
    I love your work, Charisma, and look forward to lots of sharing our quilting projects!!

  14. Charisma, thank you for the tutorial for this lovely quilt! Our little church is starting a quilting group to make quilts for a residential place ministering to girls coming out of sex trafficking. This pattern would be lovely. I’m terrified at the prospect of learning machine quilting, but your story inspires me to try. I’ve lived looking at your work on the QB for a long time. What a blessing!

  15. My son is a disabled Iraqi war combat vet. I have all of his uniforms so that I can make a quilt for him. I would love to make your cross quilt out of his uniforms! Would you please send me a pdf? When I’m done I’ll share a picture of his finished cross quilt. Thank you!!

  16. My mother is in a home in Penna. and I would love to make this quilt for her. She is 91 and my mother in law is 94. This would make perfect Christmas gifts. Would you send me the PDF file for this cross.

    Thank You so much, God Bless You

  17. This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL quilt,
    Can you please send me the pdf. Thank you so very much
    Also how do I find you on etsy?

  18. I remember seeing your beautiful work on Quilting Board, and now you are making this beautiful creation available to us. I would love to have the PDF emailed to me as this is definitely on my bucket list … and soon! Thank you so much! Happy New Year!

  19. how do you figure for a full size quilt.of the charimascorner.com/?/pageid+2652 can you send me the pdf file. I will have to print at library. thanks mary

  20. Please send the PDF. I am making my siblings this quilt using my Mom’s shirts. It’s a beautiful pattern that will honor her well.

  21. I would love to have he PDF! I’m making five quilts using your pattern. The colored squares are from shirts my mom wore. The quilts are for my sisters, brother and myself. Also, will you suggest a batting?

  22. I just love this quilt. I would appreciate a PDF so much. Our pastor’s wife is expecting a baby and this would be perfect.

  23. Please could I have this so I might make one for my church and home.
    The cross quilt.
    Thank you for your tutorials I just found your site it’s a blessing

  24. Charisma,
    The cross quilt tutorial is awesome. Our Priest is retiring this June and I have been looking for a quilt to give him. I think this would be perfect. Could you possibly send me a Pdf file for this quilt. I totally understand if you can’t, as this was posted quite sometime ago. Have always admired your fantastic quilting. Thanks

  25. Thank you so much for the instructions. Our quilting ladies at church make prayer quilts and are excited to make this quilt into one.

  26. Could I have the off for the cross quilt. My church group makes lap robes for the nursing home and home bound. We would live to make this

  27. With the quilt layout being shown so clearly, noting how many blocks along with how they are arranged, takes just a few minutes to write it down. As an alternate, taking a screenshot will give you a personal copy & you’re on your way to doing your own! This way, it can be any size.
    Tfank you for the layout & tutorial.

  28. With the quilt layout being shown so clearly, noting how many blocks along with how they are arranged, takes just a few minutes to write down. As an alternate, taking a screenshot will give you a personal copy & you’re on your way to doing your own! This way, it can be any size.
    Tfank you for the layout & tutorial.

  29. Thank you, so much, for your tutorial on this pattern/project. It’s one that’s now on my list of to do projects.

  30. Hi, I loooooove this quilt!!! I want to make one for our Church and I have someone wanting me to make them a queen size……I will make a small one to put on my wall at home and at work. I would truly appreciate it if I could get the PDF of this beauty! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial and for sharing with us. Blessings

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  31. Your quilt is beautiful. I want to make this for my granddaughters first communion coming up in May 2016. Would you please send me the PDF for the cross quilt. Thank you so very much.

  32. Please send me the pdf file. The cross quilt is beautiful. I can think of many instances where this would make a very appropriate gift. I’d like to make one for myself too. Thank you.

  33. I would love to make this quilt. Please send me a pdf for the pattern. This quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  34. I am about to make this in a wall hanging. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.
    I was wondering how many different colors you used?
    Or anyone else that has made it.

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  36. Thank you for the diagram for the cross quilt. I’ve been looking for s table runner pattern… I can totally use this to plan it out.

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