Turtles in the Sand

006Sandy brought this quilt to me…I have quilted a few of these. This is a pattern from Hawaii. It’s difficult to see in the pics but the turtles are 3-D.


I quilted water designs in the border because of the water motif in the batik pattern. I quilted swirly sand designs in the background. I kept everything very realistic …it’s so cute!


It’s so pretty and organic feeling. I think I always feel happy with turtles. We owned some when my kids were little and they were fun to watch. Kind of relaxing.

011Thanks Sandy! It’s a pleasure working with you!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!




2 thoughts on “Turtles in the Sand

  1. When I saw Turtles in my email, I knew this was gonna be stunning! It is!!! Everything about it is so sweet! An adorable pattern and quilting! Thank you Charisma for sharing such a wonderful project! 🙂

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