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It’s finally finished…it was supposed to be a quick & easy quilt. It was really easy…but I am not so much quick….I mean it was pieced in an afternoon for sure….but I kept pushing it back into the bin instead of quilting it…because I couldn’t decide.

It is a wicked fast quilt. I got the tumbler templates form Missouri Star quilt Co. I bought the 5 inch and the 10 inch. They are perfect for layer cakes & charm packs.

You can get them here.

That was the 5 inch…but I used the 10 inch…which you can also get from the site, here.

Here is a video of them showing you how to use them.

I happened to be hoarding a layer cake from a line I fell in LOVE with WAY back when I  worked at the shop…..and I have not been at the shop for 4 years…so I think this line might be 6 years old or so?  It’s called “Blush” I even love the name! So feminine.  I have to say my shop only got pre-cuts and they chose the brown & aqua bolts….they didn’t get any of the pink or white colored bolts. So I was forced to go online….and I bought lots of cuts of the other fabrics as well. So I used some for backing on this as well. I still have more of this fabric….and I already have a few quilts made from this. I just love it!



I really didn’t want to buy any fabric (when I made this last year)….and I have already decided that I am not really going to purchase pre-cuts anymore…unless they are for a specific project. I tend not to use them very often…I prefer yardage….So pre-cuts tend to sit around looking pretty…so I guess if I buy them for that purpose it’s fine…..but just to have stash….eh. Not anymore. My fabric fast is teaching me some things about myself. 🙂

IMG_9991 IMG_9992


So I would pull out this quilt every now & again and think “I should really quilt this”….”what is the hold up? Seriously????” It would look good quilted with anything. It was supposed to be a no-nonsense , stress free project. Somehow I can turn those projects into something different. I think the size of those tumblers had me thinking I could do something fabulous in the quilting. So I finally decided that I would just pin it on and work. I had an idea after I pinned it on…but then I started and came up with this idea instead…..so it wasn’t thought out ahead of time…as much as I would like to take credit for that…it wasn’t. I just kind of worked in the moment and this is what I came up with.  I am pretty in love with it. I think even if I had worked my original idea…..I would still be in love with it. Mostly because the fabric just makes me happy. It truly does.


IMG_9994 IMG_9995

So I did use a ruler to make all of the straight lines. Then filled in with feathers, swirls, clam shells ect. I really like the way they all work together so well in those tumbler columns. I did use two layers of batting. Just to add dimension to those areas in between the rows. I used a layer of legacy 80/20 and a layer of hobbs polydown.  Here is a picture of the back. All of that pink loveliness.





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