Tulip & Posey Tablecloth



I am not sure what the name of this pattern is. I bought this many years ago…5-6? it’s the first time I had heard of connecting threads….is because I saw this quit made by someone else on a forum. I fell in love with it and bought the kit….it was so affordable……I want to say it was 15$ for the whole thing( excluding backing) and I was sold!




It’s a tablecloth so I used a thin batting . My friend Donna actually pieced it for me. She is a supreme piecer and she takes on a few of my projects here and there..I gotta keep her busy….Otherwise she just sits around bored ….you know how it goes. LOL Just kidding Donna! (Just checking to see if you read this??) I quilt for Donna and she buys me lunch every week and I quilt for her. So we have a great trade!    We are going to the Bruno Mars concert this weekend for my birthday…..she bought me a ticket because she knows my *love* for Bruno. Although I am a little worried about her because she only listens to Christian music…so she is in for an experience. LOL


IMG_9708 IMG_9709


Anyway…I kept getting stumped as to how I was going to quilt this because I couldn’t heavily quilt it…If it’s going to be a tablecloth should I go all crazy quilting it to get upset when mustard gets spilled on it? It’s going to be washed about 1000 times…..& have everyday use….so it needs to be an everyday comfortable design …just so I don’t FREAK when something does happen. I use my quilts and I have to think about that during the process of completing a project. I love the finish!




I stippled, feathered wreaths, and outlined. It actually looks like one of my early projects. <3

Thanks Donna!

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