Tula Stars and Rose Petal Ladder

These two are practice quilts ( #2 &3) that we did for customers…they are Linda’s. She always does a nice job and she works on a  variety pf projects. These are lap quilt size.

You know how I love my Tula Fabrics…Linda’s loves them too. I have quilted a few quilts of hers using Tula Pink Fabrics. I quilted an all over feather swirl pattern…it’s one of my favorites I have been using it a lot actually because it’s so diverse and pretty.

 I was hoping you might be able to see it on the back a little better.

This second one we used roses to quilt because several of the fabrics had roses featured in them. Soft & pretty.

Thanks Linda! Always a pleasure working with you! Thanks for taking a chance on us..using your quilts for practice!

I hope you all have a great day! I am starting the second half of my journey in the UK. Heading to Scotland.

I hope you all have an adventure today as well!


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