Tula Pink ParisVille…By Peggy

Here is another quilt from Peggy in WA.

I have to say I LOVE this quilt because it is made with a fabric line called Parisville. Parisville is mde by Tula Pink …one of my favorite fabric designers. I own many yards of this line of fabric..I even have a pattern in mind. I also own hushabye and Prince charming….I Love her designs.

This quilt that Peggy made is so beautiful! The linking stars …and the way she separated the color ways is so striking. I love all the texture in the fabrics. I am a person who doesn’t really choose plain fabrics..I am trying to do that more but it is truly difficult for me because I love lots of texture in quilting and fabrics. I am trying to choose plain fabrics more simply so I can create lots of texture with the quilting aspect..but that’s a different story.

So with this quilt I quilted continuous curves because I wanted to continue the link all those stars together in the quilting. In the background areas I quilted charisma curls just to offer some texture.

Sometimes when I finish a quilt ( well almost every quilts actually) I just un pin it and leave it on my frame fofor awhile and admire it….I only get these quilts for a few days and I always pray over them…and hope they offer some kind comfort in whatever form that is …it’s also a sense of accomplishment for me. Yay..I
finsihed a quilt….like trying to remember every bit before it flys back home.

While doing that I noticed a two inch area that I had missed quilting so I fixed that… but I took a picture of that final process of it laying on the frame.
I am in love with the way it turned out…Thank you Peggy!

I hope you all have a great day!

One thought on “Tula Pink ParisVille…By Peggy

  1. Beautiful,….I love the fabric and design…and of course your quilting…again Beautiful..great Job both of you! T

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