Tula Beanstalks

This was made by Joni for her granddaughter. This is a quilt pattern by Tula Pink…it’s in her first book. It’s actually the cover quilt. It’s always been on my list. My long-long list. LOL

010 011


Joni did a beautiful job…it’s so beautiful. bright colors and the crisp white background…just makes me swoon. It’s a look that I love.

I love the organic piecing and the fact that it’s not symmetrical. 🙂

012 013 014She wanted it quilted like the original…so that’s what I did. The original quilting was by Angela Walters. A very sweet famous quilter.  🙂

009 008 007 Swirls, ferns, organic x’s and curves up the stalk. I am in love with this quilt.

001 002 003 I can’t decide if I like the front or the back more?

004 005 006It looks like Joni took the scraps from the top and made a back…in love!

Thanks Joni! It was a pleasure working with you!




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