Tuesday…Where did it go?

So I got up today with lofty goals…more our of desperation rather than what I really want to do..LOL. But other things keep getting in my way. How does this happen?

Rob was in a CRABBY mood today. He was frustrated..he doesn’t really like to do any labor..and he has had quite a bit lately….I understand where he is coming from. Our boys are good MOST of the time. But Some of them bicker and argue constantly..so that gets annoying. they don’t just get a job done they have to mess around, whine, complain and sigh. Which is typical….but when you have a big project that seems to never end…well it wears on ya. Jeri also got a talk..she has been avoiding work or disappearing when work starts and coming up with excuses. Well the boys are having to work their tails off..and she is down stairs chatting on the phone. She didn’t even get her regular chores done…and I had reminded her. I got on the boys early in the afternoon..she somehow keeps escaping me. Rob talked to her. ( This is also typical teen girl behavior…phone rather than work) So today he got most of our bedroom furniture moved back in…there are some small things he has to do…We still have some trim and transition pieces to put in…but for the most part the floors are finished. But our house is such a MESS! Man I have so much cleaning, sorting and organizing to do it’s over whelming. How do we accumulate so much stuff?
It seems like I keep going through things and donating truck loads full of stuff and there is always more to donate?

I keep thinking I want to go through each room again and just take out more stuff. It gets to be such a pain to dust, clean, and whatever else.

But I can tell you I am ready for this project to be over…because i am going broke! Why is it that right when you spend your savings then something else comes up? Or the project is always more than you thought it would be? That happens every time. LOL. Oh well I need to just be thankful it could be a possibility right? We will just be eating beans for the next month.

Anyway…as far as Proverbs…I don’t know if we want to have a time where we go in and have a live discussion? Or if during the day at some point we compare notes? Share what we have learned? I am reading Proverbs chapter 1 tonight…so we can compare notes and decide what we want to do tomorrow. I am excited for proverbs.
I also have help tomorrow. I have a visitor coming tomorrow to help me quilt and work out some computer stuff. LOL. Frankly I need all the help I can get..

Well I should get some work done..I still have homework…Have blessed night.

One thought on “Tuesday…Where did it go?

  1. Oh C I am so happy to be back reading your blog…….OMG Proverbs is my absolute favorite….I have read it so many times. I sure missed reading your blog…I feel like I am catching up after being gone for awhile.

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