Well I am having some troubles…..I hate it when I have troubles. Don’t we all?

I am learning real quick.

I have a hard time because i am a people pleaser. Just like in all business transactions…some go well…or good. I pray that all go well..but sometimes they don’t. This is the hardest part of my job. When I worked for someone else the “boss” had to take care of angry patients….or customers right? But now it’s all on me.

That is so stressful for me. When I invest so much of myself into a business….”this business”…..and someone is unhappy I feel terrible. I want people to come to me if they are unhappy. I would rather fix the issue …and make a friend and future associate rather than just say “good-bye”. It is so not about money with me. I think it may be that way for other people..but for me it’s all about personal relationships and friends. Honestly.
So when someone is unhappy with me business or otherwise…I would rather make it work. I realize I will never make everyone happy. In other words my track record isn’t going to be perfect. But A chance would be good.

So in the beginning of my business I made some mistakes and quickly changed how I handled some of my policies and procedures…I got into a good groove of how things work well. But changes keep happening,with each change I have to make adjustments. All in all I think my statistics are good…..of happy verses unhappy customers. But I am always sad to lose someone. So this week ( I will rat myself out) I have had two unhappy people. That is not good…..I haven’t had many at all ( I think I am up to 6 ..That I know of…I don’t know if it is safe to blast this info out into the world…but I have quilted way over 500 quilts..close to 600 now) …most people are willing to work with me to get it fixed, I am very thankful for them….. I also realize that a part of them is invested in their quilt. They are trusting me….I take it so seriously and I am more sorry than anyone could ever imagine if it doesn’t turn out how they imagined. I would never want that.

So I am sharing this just so you all know..I am approachable. I am invested in your feelings….and above all I want your interaction with me to be a blessing….not a bad experience. Thank you all so much!

4 thoughts on “Troubles…….troubles..troubles

  1. Hum, Charisma, how unfortunate that someone was unhappy and did not open themselves up to the possibility of finding a solution with you. Honestly, I believe this is most likely a personal problem for this person. It is much easier, and less risky to complain to others then to face the person with whom we have issues. It takes real courage to address people directly, and to try to work things out. I view your quilting is a work of art, so I think people who want you to do what they imagine will often find it difficult to communicate that effectively enough for you to “get it their way” every time Kind of like asking Monet to create art according to your vision. I am grateful for, and delighted by your artistic expression through quilting! I check here often just to view the beautiful things you create, I adore the work you did on my quilts and never grow tired of admiring them. It feels like collaboration to me, I choose the fabrics, colors and design for the quilt completed the work of construction, and you added your special quilting touch to it, wonderful!

    1. HI Linda,
      Thanks so much for the pep talk! I really do appreciate it. I had this thought last night…on top of that fact that I will never be able to please everybody..I am also not a perfect person..LOL. As if we didn’t all know that right? So I will have off days…just like everybody else. I can’t put unrealistic expectations on myself. Even if it is something that I love ( quilting). I can’t control other people only myself. The people who want to work with me will work it out with me..just like any other relationship. If it’s worth it..than it’s worth working out..if it’s not ..than it’s not? Right? is that a good attitude? I hope so? I think all of my relationships are worth working out…but it can’t be one sided. So that’s the lesson I have just learned. I think it’s a good one?

  2. I do not feel as if I could add anything more to what Linda said and I agree with everything she said…I loved my quilt and my doll quilt …I also love to just give you the freedom to use your artistic talent in the way that you see would be best…then Julie my daughter wanted specfic stipple and you gave her that wish…she loves her quilt with your work and mine making it her treasure to pass on to Sara her daughter….keep doing your best and that is all anyone could ask of another sister in Christ….hugs and blessings to you and your business.

  3. I cannot imagine anyone not liking your quilting.Perhaps they were not sure of what they wanted to start with.I find that when you are not sure of what you really want you cannot be unhappy if you take someones elses suggestions and then are not happy. We know you are a wonderful quilter. In life you just cannot please everyone…you did your best. You know that so now you can just let it go. I still cannot imagine someone being dissatiafied. Huggs Judy

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