Tropical Wonder….

Oh I LOVE this quilt!

It’s so vibrant and ALIVE! It makes you want to get up and start dancin the hula…right? I have the belly…but not the skirt….I should do something about that? hehe.


Anyway Genny sent’s a friend of hers’ quilt and she wanted it to have a tropical type theme..and in Charisma Fashion..I couldn’t just do an all over water theme or something. I saw designs in each of those specially chosen fabrics…and blocks. There is everything from seaweed to swirly shells and yes water and ripples.

It’s so FANTASTIC!~ It makes me want to go on vacation! LOL….but summer is only a few months away and I see water and swimming and the hot summer sun…all my family’s greatest memories happen in summer.

Thanks Genny!

One thought on “Tropical Wonder….

  1. This is my kind of quilting. I love the ones you can stare at for hours and see something new. Gorgeous! I can hear ukuleles just looking at this. LOL

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