Treasures from Piper Barn

Well this year is the first time I have heard of the Piper Barn craft show. My friend Virginia mentioned it to me last week. I was interested…but with everything happening this weekend I didn’t make any plans to go. Well yesterday was the opening day a few of my girlfriends were going and invited me……I wasn’t going to go because I just have so much to get done…but i decided to go anyway….it was only a few hours ( alot of that driving….did I mention I live in a small town? It takes 5 minutes, if that to drive through….well this barn is in the middle of NO where….seriously!)

It was set up so cute…..lots of variety of items….lunch, homemade chocolates ect. There were quilts, furniture, antiques…..burlap stockings & other Christmas decorations. Big wood signs, collage art,candles, homemade soaps.. you know all the stuff that makes your heart go pitter -patter.  Yes.

If you live in this area it is really worth going to…..if you live in a bigger area with similar shows it’s just a small snipet of what they have. It’s very small. But worth it to us locals who don’t get as many opportunities to see this type of crafting.

So I did manage to pick up some things. Door handles. I love antique or faux antique door handles & knobs. I am going to switch out all of mine….when I get Rob to switch out my doors. I have big plans. 🙂 IMG_6967

So I bought these in pairs. I know they aren’t real antiques….I just liked them and they were a good price….and in pairs.


I also bought these two wood boxes. I have seen them several times….I just love them and I thought they were a decent price….cheaper than if I had to take the time to make them myself. IMG_6966 IMG_6965

There are handles on both sidesIMG_6963


I also bought a magazine rack. Thanks to chalk paint…we can turn all of that art deco furniture currently in the thrift stores into new treasures. I own lots of chalk paint but don’t make time to go thrifting for my own second hand furniture… it’s kind of useless? LOL

So all of these books sitting on a chairIMG_6961

will have a new home in this little treasureIMG_6968

Cute right?IMG_6969

It was kind of hidden under several things and I had to dig it out. I replaced it with the first magazine rack I had found…and carted around. 🙂

I am pleased as punch with my purchases.

I should have taken a few pics while I was there. they had a fireplace mantel I really loved. I would love to have a mantel upstairs above my fireplace. It’s all stonework….so now I think I need to hunt for one….I just didn’t have an extra 450$ to buy the one they had at the show. I wish I knew someone who could make me one.

Anyway…..I hope you all find treasures in whatever hunt you have this weekend.



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