Tracing Embroidery designs

I thought I would show you how I trace my embroidery designs.

So I cut out my linen piece just a bit bigger than I want the finished square to be because sometimes when you  are working with them ( hooping, stitching ect) they get out of shape or fray ..especially linen. SO it’s best to cut them a bit bigger …stitch them and trim them down to proper size later.

Then I tapes my pattern onto my window. Choose any window that is comfortable for you to work at. I have a few….


I got the photo in a few angles. My windows look dirty and it’s not glorious when your window faces the driveway…but hey…I am glad to have a studio at all…:)


Then I tape the linen piece over the paper pattern


So now it’s ready for tracing. I know everyone has a different opinion on what pens to use


Micron pens, frixtion, water soluable, pencil. Use whatever you are comfortable with….I prefer the frixtion pens. I like to be able to iron them off after I am finished stitching. 🙂 they work great. I use mine so much they are dying.


So that’s what it looked like after I traced it.

This is what it looks like after I stitched it:



I am really excited for block #2. I already have it finished. 🙂 I just couldn’t help myself. I hope you all have a great day! Keep your eye out for beautiful quotes. 🙂

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