Toucan Sam and Vintage Dresdens

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Barbara brought these to me and she always does a great job. She makes a variety of projects and it’s always fun to see what she has next.

This Bird is so fabulous! I knew right away that he was going to be fun to quilt…The pattern came from on of the quilting magazines…but I didn’t record the info. sorry.




I wanted to create tons of textures in each part of his body to bring him to life.


I quilted scallops in his body, wood grain on his perch, lines in his beak, feathery type design in the black areas and muscle shells in the green….I quilted loops, swirls and ferns in the back ground areas.


This is her Dresden wall hanging


A friend of hers gave her a bunch of vintage dresdens made by a family member. So Barbara made a quilt for her friend using them ….and I think it turned out lovely.

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I quilted swirling ribbons in the dresdens, continuous curve flower in the center, leaves in the outer border and infinity designs in the center sashings .

172Very vintage and beautiful.

Thanks Barbara! I hope you all have a wonderful day!




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