To Rob…or as Robbie as I affectionatley call him….

Rob reads this everyday…so if i neglect to tell him something..or if he finds some insight to tell the kids that I said about them..he shares it with them….It used to be PDA which was like a running conversation….
He actually signed up to be a member on that board with a hidden name..and I discovered it..LOL.
So he loves it when people say HI to him and include him.
He has an i-phone …I am pretty sure this is one of his saved links…so I won’t be telling what he is getting for Christmas…That’s for sure!

I have been a bit testy lately because when the house is in shambles, I fall apart myself…I realize things take time…I have a different work ethic than most people…I have to try and remember that. So when I see them “resting’ I get all crazy….Everyone else is apparently supposed to be working 90 hours a week like I do….right?

Well I just want to say “I am sorry” …..I am thankful you are taking vacation time to work on our house. I am thankful that you are teaching our boys how to do this type of work for their future families. I am going to be thankful every time I see our beautiful home.

I am sorry I get cranky and anxious. I just like order. I need to get better about that.

You deserve a thankful wife..not a a crazy anxious one. LOL

2 thoughts on “To Rob…or as Robbie as I affectionatley call him….

  1. HI Rob, I think you and Charisma do a great job to have such a large household… Charisma I do not think you are crazy (I often call myself that ) I think you are just maybe really HARD on yourself and that you are an OVER acheiver…lol… I have also been crazy with my house being in the work stages (although it has taught me to just relax and go with the flow…..alittle lol) I think you both are an amazing couple and that you both get applause from me. Hugs T

    1. HI T,
      Thanks! That is so sweet of you. I know I can handle the house being ripped apart for a few days..LOL that’s the limit. but when I need 2/3 of the floors done in the whole house that takes more than a few days. HA! Relaxing??? That doesn’t compute?

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