Thursday…Breakfast Date Day

Well Thursdays is usually the breakfast date day. I take one of my children out for a breakfast date before school.
This week is was Bryce’s turn. He chose Subway. We don’t have many choices in town for breakfast food anyway…but Bryce is like me and LOVES subway. Plus he counts pennies and knows that if he can get a foot long sandwich for breakfast he can take the other half for lunch …which is what he did. I did the same thing…so I already have my lunch prepared today! YAHOO!
The funny thing about Bryce…..he started talking before he was real words…not like most one year old kids..he has always had kind of a deep voice for a kid..and when he was really little and he would laugh ..the laugh would come straight from his belly every time! He had a really funny laugh. So people would stop and ask us if the laugh came from our baby…HE was kind of a funny looking baby with his bald head, HUGE ears and funny expressions. Anyway…his laugh was infectious. It still is….and he LOVES to talk. He doesn’t ever stop talking..Sometimes I wonder if we ( his dad and I) ever really taught him how to talk? Because sometimes I regret that. lol
But on top of loving to talk, having a deep voice and funny laugh ..he is LOUD. He doesn’t know how to whisper we make fun of him all the time. SO this morning in out little Subway restaurant…everyone heard about his grades, his late assignments and how he LOVES subs. I didn’t even correct him to quiet him down because I didn’t want him to feel bad or anything I just let him talk. It’s just him. I love him. After our family meeting on Sunday he has given it a great effort of getting his assignments in order and doing his chore.
Carl has been begging him not to complete his two weeks before Christmas..LOL
The deal is if Bryce can do the kitchen right for 2 weeks straight then the chore can move on to Carl…Carl hates the kitchen and doesn’t want it. Well Carl hasn’t had to do it for 7 months or something because Bryce can’t seem to get it together. Well Bryce is working on 4 days ..kind of a record for him …so the race is on…Carl could be doing Christmas dishes.

I think Bryce has suddenly realized that he won’t be able to earn anything back that has been taken away from him. Which has always been an option when I took something away because one of his Dad’s would negotiate…now they realize that was a bad thing to do..and this last couple of months Bryce has actually had to feel the pain of losing something he wants….his birthday and basketball.

Well I have a few pictures to show…..

Sally has been hard at work for me…YAY!
But honestly my whole team has been working!

So we have some Navaho designs and I have some pictures to show as well….we have been pushing our machines to the limits! So here are a few…if you have any questions please ask…

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