I am pretty sure this is a Thimble Berries pattern and fabrics. JoAnn brought this to me. she made it several years ago and decided after it was finished that she didn’t like it.


I think we all have those projects. don’t we?


I think it’s charming and it is something that I would have made in the late 90’s ….it looks like lots of things I liked back then. 🙂


She decided to finally finish it …because one of her kids might like it one day…and all of that work has already gone into it…so she might as well finish it. Just because she doesn’t really like it doesn’t mean that someone else may not?

so she asked for a simple all over floral type pattern to get it quilted. 187 188

Thanks Joann! It’s a pleasure working with you! I hope you find a home that will treasure this great quilt!

Many blessings to all of you today!



2 thoughts on “Thimbleberries

  1. Oh I like it and yes, it does look like Thimbleberries. A quilt shop owner told me they are no longer in business. I liked their fabrics.
    Yes, I have some that when finished I didn’t like !!!

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