The Weekend Review

I hate to go all weekend without a post…and I had all of these lofty plans…but things happen.

I had to get more than my normal load of quilts done. I wanted to rake the yard (again). I needed to get the office painted. I also am trying to finish up some quilt tops before the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts starts…which is in 2 weeks!

So I realized that if I were to get majority of the quilts done..I was going to have to work today ( Sunday) I am still short one.  I was going to have to skip raking the yard. Which I really hated because oddly enough I like raking. I also realized I wouldn’t be able to paint. So I hired Nick to paint. He and Rob could chat while he painted..and he could earn some gas money. He’s a senior this year and quite handy. really good boy and Rob’s side kick….because Rob knows lots about cars. So he comes to hang out & talk shop. He doesn’t have a dad…and we are one of the families that has adopted him….well his whole family really. We love them all. 🙂

So then while I was tied to my machine all day I was getting a bit restless….when I have to stand on one place for 8 hours straight I get a little cukoo. So then I started organizing my fabric. Not completely just kind of sorting the stacks a bit better and grouping certain things. Soon when the office is done my studio will have space because I am moving all of my scrapbooking stuff from the studio. So I may be able to re-arrange in studio again. Plus with my fabric fast of 2014. I needed to check to see what all I am missing and looking at potential projects for 2014. Formulating my list. Now the whole thing is really fluid, right? I mean who knows what will come up in 2014 and what will inspire me. However, I do have some things on my UFO list that need to be completed:


UFO list


1. Quilt tops that just need to be quilted. I have  over two bins of unquilted quilt tops right now.


2. 9 patch quilt & Granny squares quilt.


3. My crazy quilt..I am not sure that this will get accomplished this year because it requires a lot of hand work.


4. My Felted Women wall hanging


5. my Crab Apple Hill ~Over the woods~ The embroidery is always being worked on but I haven’t even started the blocks


6. Dear Jane


7. My colorful trees. I started these cool trees a few years ago that use a specific fabric. I really need to get these done.


8. I also have various embroidery projects that I started 10 years ago~ they are completely not anything in my style now but I just can’t let anything go…so I will have to work on them as well.


9. My Autumn wool BOM. I have only one block finished.

10. I have blocks from some exchanges I did this year. They are all the same blocks..but two completely different feeling quilts. SO I think I will need to add to both sets and make two different quilts.



Although I have been sewing consistently….they aren’t my UFO’s I seem to want to start new things.

So high on my priority list for 2014…is Dear Jane. I really want to piece that quilt.

I also have fabric pulled for:

Perkiomen dreams

A flying geese quilt

road to stardom

momo quilt

a scrappy hour glass quilt.

Scrappy Vomit quilts. My bin is so full I really need to work on those soon.

So I am pretty sure that if I don’t buy one stitch of fabric in 2014 I will be just fine.

So this week I did make a dent in my next scrappy 500  HST quilt., I also completed a flannel Grinch quilt top. I also made steps 5& 6 in my scrappy Swoon quilt. I should just get that all wrapped up this week. I don’t know why I am procrastinating on that. But I have two weeks to get it off my cutting table. 🙂

Saturday night whole sorting fabrics…our power went out. The whole city was black. I live on a hill that over looks the town. Usually at night you see twinkling lights. It was black…except for some headlights in town. A few transformers blew out. All of the surrounding cities were out as well. We are the county hub…so the power company is located here. 🙂  We were only out for about an hour or so….but the other parts were out longer. We had power first. We had a fire going and a lantern ~ I could do hand work. But I also had my iphone. LOL

After the power came back on I was banished back into studio…no more procrastinating….I had to work. So I worked until 1 am.

Today we skipped church for no good reason. I tried to convince myself to go. I tried to tell myself that the devil wants to bring me down. I took a shower and after my shower I just really wanted to put on my pj’s and relax. So I did. It was a nice day. I feel kind of bad just because next week we won’t be at church either..because we have birthday festivities. But I think I needed the rest.

When the boys got home we ate dinner..and then played UNO spin. There was something in the grape soda & cake that the kids ate…goodness they had the giggles. At one point I was laughing so hard ..then they started laughing because I was laughing. But I was laughing because of a reaction Clarissa had to a play….You all just have to be here to get it. But it just struck me at the right moment, I guess.

Anyway that is the weekend review…busy-busy-busy and still didn’t get all I wanted accomplished done…because that is the story of my life. At some point one might think her goals are to lofty…but I just think if I was focused I could do it. Maybe one day. we always need to aim high right?

Well I hope you all have a great monday! I have so many pictures to take it’s insane. 🙂

Many blessings



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