The Weekend…posted close to the next one..but Hey!




So I spent an hour Saturday morning making about about my wonderful Friday…pictures and everything…and it got deleted because my dumb computer was acting up…. Friday was a wonderful day…I had breakfast with my quilting friends of course…we had all chipped in and made a quilt for Dianne, Our waitress. Sally actually did most of the work because I would just be getting to it…I sewed the backing and provided some of my blocks that needed a project….but all fo us had a hand it how it made it into a quilt…which is always nice. I think Dianne was a bit taken aback and didn’t expect such a lovely gift..that always makes a person feel good doesn’t it? I love giving gifts! Then Sabrina came to quilt with me that day….All of the quilts that I needed quilted …6 kids quilts for my friend..are finished Beth was binding all week I am picking them up today. YAY! Then it was my quilting groups Christmas party..Our secret sisters were revealed….My secret sister was Sally. I was so blessed all year I had a feeling it was one of the ones who actually knew me…and I was emotional at different times of the year because teh gifts touched me so….It was a really nice party…In my final gift from Sally she had brought some nice gifts from England when she was on favorite being a scarf…I have worn it already and I got the nicest compliments really is a treasure. But a funny gift we got from Virginia that morning I want to share after my images are transfered to my new computer. YES! I bought a new tower because my otehr one is old and was acting up..I had had it and just bought new one. Well of course that presents it’s own set of know. what a mess! Then Saturday morning we had dress rehearsal for our Christmas Play…and we finished off the night with a Christmas party at our Pastor’s house. It was a great night of food, laughter and Christmas Carols. We really had a great time. I had to drag my kids there..especially after Clarissa told the boys we were going to be singing..LOL. But When we left they were all glad they went… Preston had shared some jokes with the rest of us that he learned from our head pastor…LOL. He remembers everything! Sunday was the BIG day. The Christmas Pageant. I wanted to share pictures..but I can’t get them to work….I tried for two hours yesterday..our new computer is presenting some issues we have to figure out. But “The Best Christmas Pageant EVER” was a SUCCESS! We had many flubs and our prop master was we didn’t get a bunch of our set up and ready…but in the end I teared up..tried to hold back so the kids wouldn’t make fun of me..I was so darn proud of them! They all did a wonderful job..the day before i thought we were in for a wreck..but somehow they pulled it together..maybe not..maybe once you are in the thick of it you just realize all those little things aren’t that big of a deal and in the end nobody else really knows. It’s kind of like life….What we think we royally screwed up on in the has a way of showing us ..that in the grand scheme of things …it doesn’t matter..we are worthy and those flubs don’t actually define us….right? I came home..I don’t know why but I was exhausted…I started stitching a tea towel…and I finished it. It was a project in one of my quilt group meetings and I just wanted a little project I could finish and work on while wacthing Hallmark Christmas movies..I spent the whole day doing that.I finshed the tea towel. YAY! My Dh feels like he was robbed of an hour of his life by watching those movies…(or the end of one) i on the other hand…just feel all warm and gushy inside.











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