The Plan

I think part of the growth process for all of us is to learn that our plans are fluid. We can map out our whole lives and it never ends up the way we want or think it will. I know God has a plan for me….why can’t my plans ever aline with his….I guess sometimes they actually do but never in the way I would like them too….the quick & easy way.

I am in a peculiar spot right now. I made plans to speak to several military recruiters for my son, Bryce. He will be entering his senior year in the fall. Military has been on his mind for quite some time and he is sure this is what he wants to do…so much in fact he wants to start training the summer before his senior year(only a few months away). Then when he graduates he will have his plans in order and be able to go right away.

I had a child leave home already and not do anything she was supposed to. It was incredibly difficult. Now I have a son who will be taking that HUGE leap before he even leaves home. IN a way it will help prepare me for what is to come….I am incredibly proud. No matter what branch he serves… matter what he does. All 4 of his parents will be going with him to all of the recruiters and helping to ask questions. It will ultimately be his decision but we all just want to be informed and maybe help direct him if need be. At the top of his mind is the Marines. I have a cousin who is currently serving in the Marines. Rob & I would prefer the Navy or Air Force.

I could get wrapped up in the fact that my son could die in a combat zone…or not. The risk factor is certainly HUGE. But he could also die while texting & driving? I mean there is no controlling death. It isn’t easy thinking about that in any capacity……but serving our country is an honor. I would be honored to have a son serve. I am honestly more concerned about him becoming an alcoholic or drug addict because these young guys go in and have nothing better to do in their down time….or they need to suppress the things they see to cope. The fact that addiction runs in my family would make him very susceptible. But in the grand scheme of things I can’t run his life and he will have to have his own testimony. He will have to have his “Come to Jesus” moment and live his life according to HIS will.

I am proud that I have a child with some direction and willing to do something productive and planning ahead. Who knows if it will happen? What his final choice will be? I don’t know but I will be supportive all the way. Either way.

This week we also got the packet of info for Carl to join “Running Start” which is a college jumpstart in high school. He basically gets to take college courses for free at our Community College that will count as high school & college credits. So by the time he graduates from high school he will also have his AA and be able to start a technical degree or go straight into his junior year of college at the university. Carl & Bryce can also take their final drivings tests next week and get their licenses. It’s all happening so fast.   I am extremely proud of them …..and excited for them. But I must admit that I have that pang of loss….that will be coming.

Carl is also thinking military. But he has a year to keep thinking about it.

I know God has great plans for these kids. I am filled to the brim with Pride …it’s just gushing out of my eyes. It hasn’t even happened yet. How am I even going to keep it together? I know there is going to be bumps along the way…….such is life.

But days like this I realize that I am doing my job and I wasn’t a completely terrible parent.

I know every parent has felt that way.

I know many of you have children serving in the military……or served. I know it’s never easy. God bless all of you! American Flag



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