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So In my set of 2016 goals…reading books is on my list. and also finishing several that I have started. I have to carve out time for daily reading. I love reading. I especially love self-help and inspirational books. I like reading about people, places and things. I love books about relationships ….much like my movie selections. I tend not to gravitate towards action, violence ect. I can handle a little now & then……but mostly I like people watching. I like to know what makes people tick, the dynamic in relationships ect.

If there is a happy ending even better. My heart likes to feel good. So getting off of all of that……

I started reading The Happiness Project on Christmas eve.

Happiness ProjectIt’s written by Gretchen Rubin. She also had a blog and a website …just google the name or the book title and it will come up.

I saw an interview with her and bought the book. The topics in this book are right up my alley. She takes you through a year of her studying happiness in her own life, her own journey. She picked topics for each month and assigned tasks to herself ….and then kept a running total of her hits & misses and whether or not she was happy, what made her happy, what didn’t make her happy.The thing is she didn’t have some catastrophic moment in her life that made her re-evaluate her life. She just felt she wasn’t living her best life…..she wasn’t doing all that she could do to promote happiness.

I think most of us are inspired by people who do some grandiose thing like…. sell off all of their worldy goods and go to live off the land in Africa and then come back to tell us of their transformation. She wanted to be able to test the theory that you can create happiness in your own everyday , normal life.

I don’t have the same personality as she does….in fact I would say we are different in more ways than not…..but I could totally sense her personality and I have some friends like her….so I could envision them in some cases.

However, I felt she was very relatable and I loved this whole concept. I loved that she would  put herself out there to try things she was uncomfortable with and she got very vulnerable in some situations.

My latest favorite quote came from this book “We are happiest when we are growing” …I think this was a year of growth for her. Mostly self acceptance.

I would say what is lacking in the book is the spirituality aspect. She has no belief in anything. So she did bring in Buddhism as a spiritual concept towards the end….and she did quote many religious figures. But she really felt no connection to any of that. So for a person like me who gets all of her strength from God……he is an endless fountain for me…..the happiness, worth and love……it all stems from him. So unless that could be tapped into… I felt something was missing.

There was so much valuable information in the book….and it’s really just a guidebook for you to start your own happiness project. When you start your own happiness project you get to introduce the topics that will make you happier… my project would look much different from hers….well I don’t know that I can say that…..It may not look much different on the outside…but what is focused on would be a bit different because we have different strengths & weaknesses.

Would I recommend this book?   Absolutely. It made me think. It made me evaluate…..and it made me laugh. I love that. I think it inspired me most of all.

So it’s an easy read and it could really help you if you feel stagnant in your life.

In the end she also defines the difference between goals and resolutions……so I may have to go back to using the term resolutions…..:)


In case you are wondering….I have the next 4 books in que to finish or start. If you have read them or want to share insights..let me know. 🙂

The first book in the set of “Call the Midwife Series.”

If you watch the show ->I highly recommend the books.  I say that because I absolutely love the show….( it’s on PBS it’s a British series) but the books are more in-depth and sometimes you get to hear the whole story on some members they don’t follow up on in the show.

I am also finishing up TD Jakes book, Called “Instinct” It’s a christian book.

I am also starting 2 of Brene Brown’s books…”Rising Strong” and “Daring Greatly” I have to read those for the class I signed up for …that starts this week…..and so I will be catching up with those. I honestly love Brene Brown and her teachings. I think every woman can relate to her and her method of teaching is so easy to understand. You feel like she identified things and articulated things within you that you didn’t know how to define..before you read, listened or studied with her. I own all of her books. yes, I am that person.

Du to reading The Happiness Project I am also going to pick up a book on Saint Terese of Lisieux. She sounds like a figure I want to read about. 🙂




5 thoughts on “The Happiness Project

  1. Love all your post Charisma, your quilting genius, and your Godly attitude, you are indeed an inspiration but I just wonder when you “sleep”, and you also must not watch too…..I find myself “doing” so much for hubby that it is real hard to carve out me time, but you show it can be done. Kudos.

  2. I also love all your posts. I just reserved that book at the library.
    About books- I’m a complete addict- all my life. I’ve been delving into a lot of the Classics of late, especially written by the Brits-just love them! I think watching Downton Abbey helped 🙂
    For a long time I didn’t read fiction, only read self-help (I think I exhausted the market at one time) and spiritual books. I still like both but I need my fiction. I love audiobooks and find that I can get a lot done while “reading” an audiobook. Really fun.
    I just downloaded a lecture by Marianne Williamson- it’s about 8 hours I think. That’s coming up. I’ll read just about anything. My ipods and bookshelves are a wonderful, eclectic mix!
    I learn so much from so many people. At the end of the day my philosophy is that most of us are, at any given time, doing the best we can in this life. I don’t know, that’s what works for me.

  3. I love to read, too. It is a “must” in my life. I especially love history and bios. Just finished Jimmy Carter’s “An Hour Before Daylight”. Loved it……in part because we were born the same year….we both lived in small towns, typically southern upbringing, etc, etc. Hated to finish it. Right now am also reading about Geo. Washington and started (for my fiction bent) another of Jeffry Deaver’s mysteries. Have to get a little easy, everyday reading in, too. I usually have several books going at the same time….bedroom, living rm., “office”….
    There are a number of books on my shelves like the ones you mentioned….and I will check them out and see if they would interest you, too.

  4. C, I just finished a book that really spoke to me. It is called “The Boys in the Boat” and it is about the crew from Washington State who won the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Sooo many lessons in this one. It was the selection this month for my book club and I liked it enough to read it twice!

  5. You are indeed an amazing person. I love you Hobbies, your continual desire to progress and learn, you love of God, you fulfilling of your goals. What a great example!

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