The Grinch Quilt 2

OK so do you remember the Grinch quilt I made here?

I told you about our Experience with the Grinch at Universal Studios…I found the pictures: Picture 1375 Picture 1376 Picture 1377

Do you see how funny & authentic the Grinch is? Totally hilarious! This was taken just 5 short years ago and all of my kids are so young …..Sometimes I wish I could go back. 🙁

IMG_7779So I had pieced a Grinch quilt last summer and I haven’t shown it yet. I was thinking of doing some custom quilting. I was thinking I could hang it in the family room during the holidays. But have since changed my mind. I put flannel on the back. I told you of my idea in the last post . Which was to quilt the story of the Grinch on the quilt. Word for word…..I was kind of regretting it when I first started because my eye is so trained to want to custom quilt this type of quilt….but I am so glad I didn’t. It all worked out so perfectly. I think if I had quilted the story on the other quilt …1. You wouldn’t be able to see any of it. 2. I think I would have had extra room after writing the whole story. I would have had to do fill in work.Quilting Grinch 1

So I started writing the story by following the book… was slow going-> I have to tell ya…..It took me what seemed forever because I had to keep reading…quilting…reading & quilting. But in the end it was SO worth it! All of my kids would come in and visit me while working on it. They sort of take my “creative” job  for granted and they don’t really pay attention to much that I do ->unless it’s something that catches their eye. They all LOVED this quilt. They wanted to make sure we were going to keep it. ha!  I would say I hit a home run!Quilting Grinch

I knew a few pages in that I was going to run out of room at the bottom of the quilt…..I just didn’t know where…as it so happens it worked out perfectly that I ran out at my favorite part….which actually is the best because I typed it out on the label with a picture of my kids with the Grinch. That will be attached to the back. So the whole story is there and the ending Where The Grinch’s heart Grows 3 sizes…is probably the most readable….:)IMG_7778IMG_7786

I am going to see Beth today to deliver quilts for binding…Which is exciting because this will be one of them. We will use it all year long. It is just to much happiness to contain for one month out of the year.IMG_7785 IMG_7784

Fun Times! Exciting times! Memories. Memory quilts are the best.IMG_7783 IMG_7782 IMG_7781

Have a great day!IMG_7780

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