The Daily Grindstone & Progress On Many Fronts

Well today hasn’t gone the way I wanted it to go….that just happens doesn’t it?

Yesterday, didn’t go the way I expected it to go either. I wanted a relaxing last day at home before we all got back to the daily grindstone of work-school-chores ect. But Rob’s Parent’s needed help with moving some things and so we made a spontaneous trip to Spokane to help them…then we had to get back on the road to head home because a snow storm was raging and we were in the thick of it…..collisions and ditched cars were seen every where.

The nice thing about the holiday season is that Rob always gets the week between Christmas & New Years off. The plant is closed. Usually, in most places it’s difficult to get that time off for vacation unless you have seniority….but due to the seasonal type of work…’s easy to get time off during holidays. However, Summer is more difficult. 🙂

Today I spent 5 hours at the college helping my son fix a mess he created by not following through on some things I had reminded him to do several times…..and he neglected. I learned years ago that when you deal with college administrations, instructors, ect…that nobody talks to anyone else….basically the left hand doesn’t talk to the right and you are really on your own for figuring out the process….and if you drop just one ball it will all fall. So you just don’t ever drop a ball. Now this son knows. The problem is that when you let your kid fall you still have to be there to help-support & walk them through the process. So there goes my morning… morning jog, my morning work load (now I am behind…LOL ….it’s only the first day!!..haha) ….but I decided instead of being miserable and complaining and just being in a huff about the whole think…I would just say “this is an adventure”….or think “Hey, you get a day off” ( false reality ?? LOL because my work waits for me…haha). It ended up being OK…because we had lunch together and touched base on a mom-son date. He and I have been having some growing pains recently and it was good to have a light-hearted time. So sometimes unexpected happiness comes from not giving into the negativity and just living in the moment…going with the flow.

There were times where  I had to wait for him to complete a task and be by myself … I started thinking. ( dangerous, right?)

Last year at this time I had thought about returning to school. I thought about that because I really want to start some creative writing classes and further myself in the way of writing. I think it will only help me feel more comfortable on my blog and help me get my thoughts out in a more clear way. If you have a goal …you have to have a specific plan to get better and achieve the goal.

So I am going to start the process to enroll in College again. ( see what my son’s ball dropping does??). I think, I will start next quarter….It will give me time to get adjusted and figure out what I can safely take on as far as classes ect. I don’t know where any of this will lead. But I really want to take some computer classes as well. I need to be more familiar and comfortable using these lovely programs…because I am defunct. I only know how to do what I know how to do. I don’t venture far from what I know…because it’s difficult to find my way back anywhere. LOL If you can’t just shut off the computer & re-start it to fix something…I am at a loss.

I think it will help me with the lifestyle plan too because I will have access to use the college gym for free…..YAY!! So that saves. ( just an added benefit of tuition…LOL)

So I will be attending college with some of my kids….AWKWARD!!

Maybe for them. Not me.

I actually think it’s good for them to learn, know & understand that it is never to late to stretch yourself, learn and aim for a goal.

I think this is just a natural thing for me to think… “Hey, If I am going to be a better writer..I will go to college & learn”

I was telling my friend Carla about my plan a few days ago and she told me that those things just come so easy to me..other people don’t think like that? What other option is there? If I have to learn something where else can I go? School? That seems obvious to me. I am not ashamed to ask for help, take a class or stretch myself to try something new. It just seems like common sense to me. What do I have to lose?

College can’t ever be taken away from you …even if I don’t become a best selling author (not my plan…I don’t dream that big…LOL)..I have much to learn from a class. So I just think that is the best option in my case.

So after figuring out my personal goals, health goals ect……and reading a few other articles….and the Happiness Project. I have learned that being organized and having less clutter really helps you feel better.

I know this to be true. But I hold on to things …..certain weird things like magazines…..and papers, manuals, blah-blah-blah.

I am coming up with a plan of things-spaces-areas that I am going to de-clutter and simplify. Not all at once because my hoarding tendencies would flare up and the anxiety would take over…..but there are certain areas that really don’t get used because the thought of digging in the linen closet gives me anxiety.   But I have to say after cleaning my closet out of TONS of clothes that not longer fit…my closet is so much more accessible and easy to look through. So I really just don’t need all of the variety and choices..that I think I need.

I also hoard so many purses and bags that I don’t carry anymore. So I am thinking of selling some of my Vintage Vera-Bradley purses ect.

While we are talking about this subject of “things” …Very Pretty Things. Are you one of those people that saves things you really love..they can only be used for special occasions? Perfumes, Fine china, Crystal ect?

I discovered that all of that princess house crystal and special dishes had not been used for over 10 years…so I gave it all away a few summers ago. I even gave away my china hutch. Why am I storing this stuff…when I need valuable space in my house? It’s so beautiful I can’t use it?

All of that special make-up & perfume will go bad if I don’t use it.

So I am feeling convicted on my fabric Stash.

I told myself LAST year that I would start using my Amy stash. I lied. I didn’t that was a goal I did not MEET last year.

Here I am ……boasting about all of these great goals I did meet….and thinking about it…..I realized I have not been totally successful at de-cluttering-simplifying and using my favorite things.

So I made a list of jobs I must complete before Spring quarter of college starts…roughly one a week.

I am also going to pull out fabrics from my coveted stash and I am going to use it on a quilt. I am not sure what yet…..But I need to discipline myself to use it. I am so bad about finding a project to use it on…..because I know that I won’t ever want to part with that quilt. LOL. So be prepared.

I really feel like I shouldn’t be adding more “tasks’ to my list…….but in the end…..I think this will only help me be successful. I will want to spend more time in areas of my house…if they look and feel better.

So Now I must get some other things accomplished before my kids get home from school ….and then I need to go swimming….or work on a quilt. 🙂

I hope you all have a SUPER fabulous day!






2 thoughts on “The Daily Grindstone & Progress On Many Fronts

  1. Great decision on going back to school. It’s a big step but if you have your mind and heart set on it, you can do it! My daughter, who is in her early 40s and the last of 5 children are in school, started back a year and a half ago and she’s doing great. There seems to be a motivation (reality sets in perhaps about the real world?)with adult students that is a driving force to accomplish and excel. It will be interesting to watch your progress.

  2. Ditto to everything Nancy said. I was my high school valedictorian wayyyy back in 1970 and had high aspirations for what kind of mark I would make on the world. I didn’t forsee that I would elope in my second year of college to a guy who was 2 years ahead of me in school. He finished college first and took a job out of state so I had to put my finishing college on hold. Fast forward 3 children — long story short I should have graduated from college in 1974 but I waited until the last child was in school to finish. I received my BS with honors in May 1988. It’s NEVER too late. Your 2016 goals sound like mine as well. I want to downsize purses, clothes, fabrics, etc. I’m thinking ebay and etsy. Blessings to you…may all your dreams come true and good “luck” on your health goals as well. Thank you for sharing your life and quilts with us…I enjoyed your posts on QuiltingBoard for years but the blog is so much better.

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