The Beauty of Small Towns

I typed this before I left for Atlanta. I thought I may like a comparison in the future after being in a big city.

I have to say that when I moved here {to Ephrata} 12-13 years ago I wanted to escape -> FAST!

Oh my word……it’s difficult living in a small town when you are from the city. But after being here I have acclimated to small town life. 1 thing I will never adjust to is the shopping. We have no decent shopping ( except our Quilt shop…of course). So I do a lot of on-line shopping. There are definitely bad things to living in  a small town. But it’s all about perspective. Once I spend a week in the big city and a few airports that will have more people in one location than my whole small farm town has……I will probably appreciate these things a bit more.   🙂

1. Traffic & driving. So all of you city slickers… know how it takes 20 minutes to just go across the same town ….which is probably only realistically 3-5 miles away? Here 5 minutes. Maybe…even in 5:00 traffic. Yes. the nearest city with more restaurant options ( but not good shopping options) is about 20 miles takes 25 minutes to get there. When I first moved here that didn’t bother me..I thought the “locals” were crazy to complain about going to Moses Lake. They didn’t want to drive that far. I am now a local. My brother lives in Seattle and  when he comes to visit…I will say “Oh we have to go downtown to go there” I can see downtown from my house. It’s literally a minute away when we drive..and 2 if we walk. LOL He makes fun of me for calling it downtown. Knowing that bit of information…just think…..many days I don’t want to get dressed to go to town. I will avoid going to town. Yes….that is the beauty of small towns. No traffic & little driving.

2. Lines…or lack there of. The only lines we have are at wal-mart & safeway. Mostly Wal-mart. Seriously. No matter when you go to wal-mart they never have enough open lines. When you have 2 grocery stores in town….you would think they would have more cashiers. Apparently not. Other than those places. I hardly have to wait in lines. If I go to the court house to change my car registration no line. Taking the kids to get a driver’s license-no line. Restaurants -> mostly no lines ( fast food ones are a different story). Any of the sit down restaurants they seat us right lines or wait time. We don’t get pagers and have to wait on a Saturday night. Seriously. Movies-no lines….of course I don’t ever go to the most popular movies…so that could just be my experience. Yes- The beauty of small town life.

3. Friendly. People want you to say Hello and make eye contact here. If I go on a walk through town….everyone says hello. We all want to know who is in our environment and make eye contact. We want to smile and wave. Big city people think that’s weird. Right? I mean everyone is in their bubble and it is not to be invaded.Do you know I lost my Driver’s license for a whole year……yes. I couldn’t find it. It didn’t matter because I never needed it in town. I would only remember that I lost it when I left town. I carried my passport around with me during those times. LOL. But if you live here long enough you are recognized. The beauty of small town life.

4.  Crime rates. We have crime here. We are not Mayberry- FOR SURE! We have meth labs…..drug addicts robberies, sex crimes ect. Nobody is exempt from crime & sin. But I think that we are harder on those crimes than the big city because we want to protect our small community. We aren’t over crowded and letting criminals off so easy because we need to make room in the jail system. If someone gets caught with a DWI and they don’t complete the programs and restrictions. They HAVE to serve their time. They don’t get 100 chances and then probation.   We make them serve the year ect. So I think we have a lower crime rate. I really don’t worry that my purse will be stolen while I am walking down the 2 blocks of downtown that I live in.  My kids can wear whatever clothes and sneakers they want..without having a gun pulled on them. The beauty of small town life.

These are the things off the top of my head that I will encounter while I am gone……the things that I will appreciate about my small town when I am gone. Yes..I know this already.

Be blessed in your life!




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