That Thirties Thing

IMG_7956I was supposed to post this yesterday. I finished quilting this on Saturday. But time escaped me. IMG_7957

I decided to take a break from the studio Saturday night…I had been working on my own stuff but sometimes I just still need a break. I have not been sleeping well and thought maybe if I started watching something I may fall asleep early. Problem: I started a new series that turned out really good and I have been addicted ever since. I am about halfway through season 2. I took a break long enough yesterday to make all the goodies for my boys football game. I think I am going to take today off too. I need a rest. I really want to ask questions about the show that you may all have answers too already…but I will refrain. I just love Aidan and hope he isn’t a bad guy. LOLIMG_7958

Anyway getting back to this quilt……LOVE! It’s a free pattern on quilters Cache called , That Thirties thing.



IMG_7959 IMG_7960

Annette made this for me from my scraps. I am always amazed at what she envisions and comes up with. She has a real gift for design & art. I could only envision these diamonds and jewels popping out off the quilt. I new I had to give them dimension to reflect that. I showed progress on Fb while I was quilting and one of the comments simply said “Jewels”…confirmation of my vision. 🙂 Love that! (Thanks-> Sandy!)IMG_7962 IMG_7963

I am keeping this one because I love it so much. It’s so difficult to decide sometimes…..but I love a good scrappy and I can’t donate them all. Right?IMG_7961

I also pieced the back…the weather is not cooperating today…so windy and then my HUGE Dogs were interfering when I went to the deck…..then the wind started again…so rather than chase my quilt off the deck..I had to bring it in and try photographing inside. So I could not get any good pictures of the whole quilt & quilting. I couldn’t get a whole picture of the back either..there are many pieces in true scrappy fashion…that I adore. IMG_7965

So I just played with quilting designs……I just made it up as I went along..pretty freeing….I learned as I went on how to make the designs better. 🙂IMG_7966

I framed it all in with a  feather and I just thought it was pretty when I folded it up. It needs binding before it can be used for it’s purpose. 🙂IMG_7964

Thanks Annette! I love the jewels you come up with! always a blessing!



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