Thanksgiving 2013


Well those of you who have been reading for quite some time know that we don’t do much for thanksgiving. It’s not a holiday that I crave or look forward to…it’s not that I dread it. It’s just a day off. Which is good in itself.

I traded Landon every Thanksgiving for every Easter. I love Easter and the whole meaning of Easter. Landon’s family was hit or miss with Easter but they always celebrated a big Thanksgiving with football & dinner.  So I thought that it would be best for the boys to have the best of both worlds. We celebrate Christmas together (now) but all of the other holidays are split by whichever weekend is the parents. We didn’t want to fight over holidays and mess up the rotation to bad every time a holiday came around ….so it works.

My memories of thanksgiving as a kid? Lets see? Lots of food…and drunk or stoned relatives. That pretty much sums it up. So it holds no special place in my heart. When I became a teenager and spent Thanksgiving with Landon’s family it was nice & wholesome. His grandma made everything from scratch…the rolls were AMAZING!   Nobody in her family drank. She served milk in wine glasses. So we could have the fancy without the harm. She was amazing when it came to holidays. Precious memories. I am glad my boys got to experience that.

So due to that fact I have never really done anything big for Thanksgiving unless we had company come. Usually we make a regular dinner like tacos or lasagna, then we go watch a movie.  So it’s nice & relaxing.Today I am actually making a ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and gravy. I bought a pumpkin roll for dessert. There is only 4 of us…and that seems a bit of excess. But they think they need a bigger dinner this time around. I gotta keep them happy since I am working them tomorrow. We need to finish cleaning out the storage unit. Hanging shelves….& patching walls.

The kids had a half day of school on Wed.  and Rob had the day off as well.  So after hounding them to go to the storage unit to get it cleaned out…they made two small loads. I have no idea why they like to drag things out? We could have had it done yesterday. It  creates more work for me….because I have to make multiple trips to the goodwill. I have to make multiple trips to dump ect. Can I just tell you how that drives me crazy? I don’t like things sitting around half done…but I am kind of at their mercy. But I am thankful. Today is Thanksgiving after all. It’s all about being thankful…focus Charisma! Focus! Be thankful.

So we brought the Christmas decorations ( that I need to sort ) in….we put several of the kids baby stuff in the attic. The rest went to good will.

Then Rob & I went to deliver the boys. On the way back we stopped at Home Depot. I had to buy shelves for my scrapping room/office. I am kind of at a stand still on organizing and getting that set up until all of my shelves are in. So that was a must. Tuesday our sectional was delivered. We also bought a carpet remnant because our flooring is bad…So we needed to cover that. But also we usually have a throw rug or two. I decided a remnant would be better because  they are cheaper so if I have to throw it out…I won’t be upset.  So the family room is finally set up…it’s comfortable & Cozy. It took the guys 2 years to figure out their way was not a good way. Our friend Nick brought that up yesterday as well. LOL They guys are still defending their ways. But admit this way is better…they just don’t want to admit I was right (again) So I took a few pictures..They aren’t very good. IMG_7316 IMG_7317

There are some things propped up in-between the entertainment center and sewing desk that will need to be hung up. But we have to touch up the big wall behind the couch before we can hang them. We bought the stuff at Home depot as well. 🙂

IMG_7318 IMG_7319

You can see that not even 30 mins after the couch was delivered that they all just made themselves comfy. IMG_7320

This is the corner with the sliding doors. We have a dog door in there as well. The Christmas tree will go here next week. Our rooms are small..we have a small house. But we do the best with what we have got. I also bought a quilt ladder to keep down here…that way when they are lounging they can have quilts…..but also a place to store them so they don’t get shoved on the floor for the dogs ect. Will I find them on the floor still? Probably. But it somehow makes me feel better to offer the solution….so maybe someday they will figure it out. hehe  IMG_7315IMG_7321If you only knew how many pics I had to take to get these awful ones. They kept getting in my way and the constant commotion of my home is insane. hehe. Clarissa found the halloween costumes before Ballet. Great look don’t you think? The ninja turtle look.

So things are coming together. I really would like to get the office done. It’s going to take awhile. Its’ been years since I have gone through some of this stuff. I need to make it functional for my paperwork, shipping packages, scrapbooking.  It’s a really small space….so here’s hoping.

Tomorrow is the launch of this year’s Quiltville Mystery quilt…are we all set? I am ready! Really excited. It will be my first time doing a mystery…..and having it be an actual mystery that is. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for…..this post isn’t representative of everything I am thankful for…..but I truly am. I know how much I have…how spoiled I am. Getting rid of stuff-buying stuff..ect. I will not be shopping on thanksgiving. I will not be shopping on friday either. Who wants to deal with those crowds? Not this girl! I will be in my slippers drinking hot Cider and thanking God for this time! Many blessings to all of you!






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