Teresa’s Happy Quilt

Teresa and I have been working together for a year now….I can’t say that our relationship is piecer quilter because Our relationship goes deeper than that. I am blessed to have her be my friend.

She sent me this quilt and I think the colors and pattern are suited perfectly…I used my Baptist Fan templates to quilt it. It is so complimentary to the design.

I just love the color combination that she used..and some people are so afraid to use yellow..I happen to LOVE yellow….so I think her border choice is just eye candy!


Thanks T! I love you!

3 thoughts on “Teresa’s Happy Quilt

  1. Hi Judy, I have both. I have not actually used the circle lord yet..just the groovy board templates. I am preparing a quilt top to use the circle lord on and make lots of different desigsn with it to showcase different things.So these baptist fans I used the stylus and the board.

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