Tea & Sugar & Santa’s Window

012Isn’t this sweet? So pretty! I think it might be a Bunny Hill Pattern…this is one I actually don’t have…but I look at it every time.


Barb brought this to me and she just lets me quilt however….and I just had fun adding feathers, swirls and pretty designs.

014 015 016

Here is another angle to see the quilting a bit better:

017The back:

018This next one is a genius way to use a panel. She took a Christmas panel and cut it up and then framed the squares with attic window blocks. Pretty clever.

019 020I kept the designs whimsy, snowflakes, stars, wood grain in the window and curls in the border. So much FUN!!


Thanks Barb! I love your projects!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



3 thoughts on “Tea & Sugar & Santa’s Window

  1. Where can a person by the pattern for the Tea & Sugar & Santa’s Window? Size of quilt?3 Very festive, and would love to make for Christmas.

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