Tarnished Star


Carol sent this quilt to me. It’s our first time working together.

She made this from a Judy Niemeyer pattern….I can’t remember the correct name for it. But Carol named her version the Tarnished star.

050It’s a beautiful quilt. She wanted medium quilting. I am always nervous the first time I work with someone because art and quilting is subjective. so it’s always difficult to know what each person likes until I get one done and see how it works out. IN this case Carol loved her quilt. 🙂 YAY!

054I used feathers, curls, continuous curves, ribbons and lines. It finished up beautifully…..if I do say so myself.

051 052 053Her color choices are beautiful…..and as always ..any judy Niemeyer pattern is just striking and beautiful.

055Thanks Carol! It’s a pleasure working with you!

056There’s the back.

I hope this week finds you all well.

Many blessings!


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