Tablerunner fun for Rob

Shirley brought these over and let us do whatever we wanted. So I put Rob in charge.

He experimented with different quilt designs and played around with different sizes ect.

These all had a specific theme as you can see …and out Statler Stitcher has several patriotic type designs.

I Think it’s kind of fun watching what Rob will choose as designs..because he thinks different than I do. He is not a quilter and he has no “rules” or experience to know what each design is and how it’s used. These samples are easy….but there have been a few quilts that he chooses the design and I am surprised at how he comes up with the design. It always looks good and I let him….because he needs to trust himself….and also sometimes I don’t need to control everything. But don’t tell him that.

Shirley loved her quilts.

Thanks everyone! For all of the love and support you give to us.



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