T-Shirts Galore!

Sue sent this quilt ..she made it for her son. She used the shirts in a block setting to bring it some pzazz!

044I am thinking her son is a baseball fan?

045 046This is a king sized quilt….and we decided on a  stipple design …it’s going to be used & loved.

047 048 049Thanks Sue! I hope you have  a wonderful holiday!


4 thoughts on “T-Shirts Galore!

  1. Thanks for giving me an example of a quilt for ones grandson. I am working on some t-shirt logos, but had not envisioned something as lovely as this! You (both) have done a beautiful job on this one!

  2. Thank you to Charisma for again doing a wonderful quilting job. My son played baseball starting with t-ball and then placing 2nd in state when he was a senior in high school. This was for his 30th birthday. We so enjoyed watching him each and every game.

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