T-shirt Quilt

Julie made this T-shirt quilt for her granddaughter. We used a double batting to make it a bit more poofy & warm. IMG_7604

The less you quilt a quilt the warmer it will be. Especially is you use poly batting. Poly batting traps in heat. Cotton batting breathes. So it’s good for warm or cold climates. poly—really good for cold climates. Fun facts for the day. 🙂IMG_7605

So we quilted this with a simple stipple. You learn so much about someone with such a personal quilt. I love seeing them. I was a girl scout & a leader as well. IMG_7606

Special days. IMG_7608 IMG_7607

The backing is a mix of t-shirts & fleece. COZY!

IMG_7609 IMG_7610

Thanks Julie! Always a pleasure working with you!

I will get this shipped out!





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