Sylvia’s Treasures

Sylvia sent these 2 quilts and she is a great quilter. This is our first time working together and I love all of her projects.

This next one is a 9 patch using moda charm squares.

I quilted feathered wreaths in each 9 patch. and then framed it in with leaves and a feather.

Here’s the back:

 So pretty!

This next one is difficult to see…but she used a focus fabric in all of the blocks that had a great design that kind of created it’s own sort of movement in the blocks.

I quilted a leafy border and leaves in the green areas of the block ..and a flower in the center of the focus blocks.

Here’s the back:

Thanks Sylvia! Such beautiful work!

Thank you everyone for keeping along and looking all of the quilts I post. 🙂



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