We all love Swoon don’t we? IMG_6776

Laura made this swoon quilt…..let’s all SWOON.

She used fat quarters from her stash to put this together…and it turned out so pretty. I think I need to make one for myself. 🙂 LOL ( I always think that)IMG_6770

I would like to say I came up with these quilting designs on my own…but I did not. In fact I copied Angela’s . IMG_6771 IMG_6772 IMG_6773

I bookmarked that when it first came out… I have been waiting to use it. I have used that background design several times….but I loved how she used it in swoon….and the blocks ..so I asked Laura if I could copy…:) It was a go. IMG_6774 IMG_6775

Swoon looks good with an all over design…for a more traditional look….or with custom quilting. It’s a toss up really. I like both ways. For those of you familiar with my work…I would have to say I rarely say that. But with SWOON ….I think that’s why people love it. It can appeal to all the senses. Modern, traditional, fun….ect.IMG_6777


Thanks Laura! Always my pleasure!

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