Tisha made this Swoon for a friend. As you can see the primary colors of choice are Blue & green. IMG_7322

Honestly, I have never seen an ugly swoon quilt. I am trying to decide which fabrics I want to use for mine. I am thinking I will hit my Amy Butler stash…..as you all know that stash is sacred to me. LOL I never use it unless it’s for something special….but anyway. IMG_7323

I quilted it the same that I quilted the last swoon quilt…which wasn’t my quilt plan but Angela Walter’s…why change something if it works…after all Angela is the Modern quilt queen. So I went with that. Love the finish. It’s HUGE! 108×108 I couldn’t get it all to fit in one picture….because I was on my deck. IMG_7324 IMG_7325

Tisha did a great job as always. 🙂IMG_7326 IMG_7327 IMG_7328

The back is a stonehengeIMG_7329


Thanks Tisha!  Always a pleasure working with you! Have a great holiday with your family.


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