Superbowl Madness!!!

Well we have about 20 people here for teh party ( maybe a few more hard to tell) only 3 yeah..complete chaos around here..which is what I like! It’s sort of organized chaos right? I mean it’s better to have a bit of organized chaos every now and again rather than chaos every minute of the day right?

Most of my family was rooting for the Giants, I think? And did they win? I had to keep asking who was who…and who like who….but they had a good time so that is all that really mattered.

I didn’t get alot of work done…darn it! I also skipped out of the party a few minutes early to go to prayer service at church. Sunday evenings they sing a few songs and then prayer time. We all just pray..either out loud or to ourselves…’s a nice time. So Rob had to get everyone home..and what not.

However I did make sure my family and friends ate well while they were here

That’s the 6 foot sub from Subway…there was nothing left last night….also on the menu: deviled eggs, pasta salad, Chili cheese dip and lots of chips & Soda Pop.


Well I need to get some work done..I will update you all later about my progress..:)


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