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Beth sent this quilt. She has actually made this quilt several times…she only wanted to make it once..but through her generosity and also a family tragedy she made it more than once.



I think quilters are just always so generous and amazing! I work with the best people ever!

You would all be amazed at how heavy this quilt is…it’s extremely heavy because all of those blocks are made with solid colored 1 inch squares….so it takes 1000’s of squares and countless seams to make this quilt.


I love how it’s all pixelated…..I mean we purposely make everything look that way now-adays…but in my time this is how everything looked on he computer. LOL pretty awesome!

Beth just wanted an all over stipple which is perfect for this type of quilt that will be used & loved….and it really speaks for itself.


Here’s the back:


I hope you all have a great night!


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