Sundays……& Maybe a Bit of a Sermon

Or my personal opinions rather.

First of all I love Sundays. No matter what day of the week….I never mix up Sunday. Working from home I will sometimes forget that Wednesday is not Friday or whatever. But I usually always know what day Sunday is. For a few reason in no order of importance.

1. Church (of course)

2. I get to lounge in a bed a bit later than usual. Our service starts at 10:30. I don’t do anything before service. everyone in my house lounges.

3. Sunday is my day of rest.

4. We usually have a nice dinner on Sunday followed by family time. We play games…eat treats and laugh. It’s the one day a week I can guarantee that we will all be together. I love that about Sundays.

5. I have free time. This is the only day of the week that I give myself a break (day of rest). But even my internal brain is shut off for this day. I revel in the fact that God loves me and I can push everything else aside. I just need to train myself to do this the other 6 days of the week.

I am sure there are plenty of other things I love about Sundays but those are the greatest of them. 🙂

While I was lounging on my I-pad this morning. I found a picture on a Fb page. (this is the personal opinion part….:) )

Lacrae Bible photo

Now this was taken by a Christian rapper, named Lacrae. I am not particularly up on his music or lyrics or anything like that. I “liked” his page because he is a Christian rapper that my kids like. I have 6 kids. I try to keep up on all of the stuff they surround themselves with. But I am only one person. My children live in the “world.” I pick & choose my battles of what I am going to limit in their lives. I want the real world to work on them…but mostly I want God to work on them and convict them of things in HIS time. Not mine.  So music-movies and whatever are not battles I fight…well once they reach a certain age I should say.

Bryce & my ex husband really like Eminem the rapper. I was not real excited about that when my teenage son was listening to that stuff. But Bryce made a CD  and I listened to it. I wanted to know what the appeal was. I have to say that I was crying while driving down the street listening to his lyrics. That little guy has a lot of rage. I can also understand why-> if his lyrics are honest. I can identify with him and why he would feel the way he does. Do I think he is channeling it perfect? No. Do I think he could get his messages across in a less harsh way? yes. But that is not up to me to decide. God will work on him. I also think I had to experience his music before making a judgement. I even like some of his songs. I am not fond of all the cussing. But I think he truly has a gift to put things together & create the way he does.  I know that talent comes from God. Once Mr. Mathers figures that out, I think he will Honor God the way he should.

But getting back to this rapper Lacrae. My kids went to a Christian concert with several genres of music. Mostly our household doesn’t listen to “Rock” music. Just Rob …he’s an 80’s child he can’t help it. He is still pretty much listening to oldies as the kids call them. LOL One of the Christian Artists was Lacrae. The boys loved his music. Now again I haven’t heard his music (yet). I don’t know where exactly he stands ect. But what I do know is that he is  not pushing drugs, Ak 47’s and the “Thug life” so I like him already. I have had him as a Fb friend for awhile now and all I see on his page is good things that you would want your kids to see. Scripture, family photos ect. It seems to me that his posts focus on what he should be focused on. None of us know who someone is by their FB. Right? But if I were to judge this book by his cover I would say it’s good.

So when I saw this picture this morningLacrae Bible photo I thought …that is so sweet! What a good guy!

Then I opened the comments thinking I would see the same things I thought. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

Instead I saw HATE & Judgement!


People complaining about his 300$ shoes ( I had no idea..I don’t keep up on that sort of thing). Complaining that the bible was on the floor. Complaining that he was taking pictures in church or FB while at Church. He didn’t respond to anything. I am not sure that I would either. Satan has a way of turning something good into something evil.

I am going to venture & guess that the majority of his fans are Christians. Which makes this scenario even more sad & ridiculous!

Why are we so harsh with our own people? No wonder we have the reputations we have people! Why did we have to turn something sweet into something so bad? If he has earned enough money to wear the shoes he likes….than God showed him favor. He can do that!  I have been to some poor churches, I guess. Because not every church I have been to has pews or fancy racks for bibles & hymnals. We have kept them on the floor under our chairs. I am pretty sure God blessed those churches.  Are we more concerned about the written word than the words that lie on the inside of our hearts? Maybe church was over when he took that photo? Maybe he decided to inspire others to attend church today after his ceremony was over? What does all of that matter? Nobody mentioned that the whole photo of the bible was outlined in a heart. Nobody commented on the heart. What’s in your heart?

I am always watching, listening & reading tips about success. Do you know what really makes someone successful? Do you know how people move up the ladder faster? It’s not by stomping on people to get to the top. It’s helping others along the way. Seriously. I have heard that time & time again. Why as Christians aren’t we helping this guy along the way? Aren’t we supposed to surround him and lift him up? That is our duty? How many Christian rappers are out there? Especially compared to the rappers most parents complain about? Instead we have a good man who is really trying to break ground and do good things and here are a bunch of his own people trying to tear him down. The American way?

If some people think he shouldn’t be wearing 300$ shoes or have a bible on the floor…..then we should keep our comments to ourselves. Working in the spirit means we use discernment. We know when we are supposed to bring a brother over and re-direct him. But that is about trust & knowing that God will bring the right people to him…& convict him. It’s not up to us to show the world our judgements & hate. I guess I may need to be convicted of these things as well? I don’t see the issues? I don’t wear 300$ shoes….but I have a difficult enough time keeping shoes on my many children. I am happy that he doesn’t have to worry about that. He gets to wear shoes he really likes…that’s a blessing.

I have to say even in my own profession. I get emails from people asking me to help them with a design or ask how I quilt plan. I always try my best to help someone along the way. Some people are afraid to ask me. That hurts my feelings more than anything. I try to be approachable. I am willing to give anyone a boost because my trust does not lie in the world. It lies with God. He will bring me my work…he is so faithful to me.  If I am spreading love by helping someone else be successful than I am just as successful if not more than having a full bank account. Doing God’s work is WAY more important to me.

Sharing a recipe to please someone else…..I don’t ever hold anything back. I don’t understand that? It has never been in my DNA anyway. But then to think someone is having reservations about asking me for help because maybe I don’t want to share the secret of my success? I start to doubt myself and think maybe I am not showing my true self to anyone….maybe people really can’t see my heart. I really want my interactions with people to be good, heartfelt & love. That displays GOD (which = love).  When a  bunch of Christians are hating on their own guy? When we aren’t loving each other….lifting each other up and focusing on the real message which is the “heart”….well we have all gone astray. I can understand why we are losing our rights. I can understand why  people look at us the way they do.

We need to WAKE UP! LIFT UP! INSPIRE! and LOVE! What does Paul say in Corinthians? To teach! The one of the great gifts is to teach. I think that means we need to be held to a higher standard. We need to understand that in order to teach something we need to practice and do it ourselves. We need to practice. Practice makes perfect right?

So I am going to make it a point to listen to some of his music this week. I hope that we as a whole no matter our beliefs or opinions can lift one another up. I think at the root of our Souls we like that feeling of helping another along the way. We feel good when people around us are happy. Let’s do our part.

Ok enough of that. Soap box over.

Love You all! I hope that most days here is a happy place ( I am human after all …so I know it’s not 100% or I wouldn’t be real)

Blessings to each of you!


Oh and Here is a a picture of Lacrae with his wife. Just so you have an idea what he looks like… other than shoes. 🙂Photo: Down since day 1. Real love hangs on thru the ups and downs.





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