Sunday Sermon…a day late.

Hi friends,
well We had a guest preacher who gave the sermon yesterday. It was a nice sermon but what I learned was K.I.S.S.

Does anyone know what this stands for?

This pastor was talking of his experiences when he was learning to preach..and an older mentor told him to remember K.I.S.S.

“Keep It Simple Stupid”

Well I think we can leave off the Stupid part..that doesn’t seem uplifting…let’s think of a another word that is encouraging…..that way we will feel better sharing that with others.

Pastor Oscar is a kind man who worked in men’s homeless missions most of his career and it’s quite a different culture…so you have to build a tough skin…right? But I can tell you in my own discerning way …that I can tell he is a kind and gentle least in his golden years.

The boys came home yesterday and we had a family meeting with Landon and Jordan. ( My ex-husband and his wife) we are having some issues in our house…I know many other families have been through this …teen years! seems like we are just beginning and staying strong for the long haul is difficult…I can’t imagine doing this for 10 more years..LOL. Especially when ever other day right now I want to roll up in the fetal position and start sucking my thumb…hoping to get institutionalized so I don’t have to deal with them. LOL. Some days it sounds really good to sit in a hospital bed..and be bathed and fed..then I have to realize that I can’t let that happen…because society deems that bad or something? But also because I will miss out on other things that I don’t want to miss out the good days. One good day is worth many bad ones …am I right?

So the meeting went as it usually does….and it is usually targeted at one or two kids…which is really bad. I can tell you that almost every person in our house is relieved when one person leaves…and it is sad thing…but we all breathe a collective sigh of relief when we don’t have to deal with it and we can relax. Do any of you have that? Or did you? Did it rotate between kids?
It is rough trying to keep it all together.
I am still fairly new dealing with all of this..we are just beginning….and I can see why people say the teenage years are so rough. There is no way to prepare for this. God makes us LOVE these precious little babies..and they just keep getting cuter and cuter ……until …yep …until……***in my best Forrest Gump Impression**** …And that’s all I have to say about that.

Other than that Mary&Carla ( you know my Besties? who are also Sisters) came for the weekend. I felt out of sorts..I didn’t get much of anything accomplished…..Clarissa had her Ballet recital..I will post pictures later..I am a bit gun-shy to hp on the picture loading process..because I am afraid I will get stuck here for hours upon hours and I need to get some work done.
The three of us went out to dinner and did some shopping. IN Moses Lake they opened a “Big Lots” ….that is big news around here. LOL There was so much in the store that I was fun…..but I did buy an area rug for my new living room….I thought it would compliment everything nicely. I am trying not to buy a bunch of new stuff to re-decorate just recycle the stuff I have and move it to different areas of the house to give it new life. It saves money..and makes me feel like everything is new. Frankly I think I have to much stuff anyway….

Last night there was also a special Christmas performance at a high school in Quincy. That’s the town that Rob works in..about 20 minutes away. They had many local artists and of them being our Church Band.
I know….I know. We went to support them. I am not fond of the music..but there were other performers that I did enjoy more…..and just because it isn’t what I prefer..doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support them…so yes we did get Christmas hony-tonk style and other people did seem to appreciate it….God loves the music and what our church I support Jesus! Not to mention I LOVE the people.

Well I need to get back to work..I need to mail 3 quilts to Arizona that have been here for quite some time. and I need to get them finished up today.
I hope you all have a blessed day..please pray for me..I am not feeling well..a bit tired and overwhelmed.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon…a day late.

  1. A wise gentleman by the name of James Dobson once said that having children was like watching a moon launch. You program them just right, watch them through lift off and that amazing journey to the moon. Then suddenly they are behind the moon, out of contact, out of our vision and they cannot hear us. We wait, we fret, we dont know what is going on, we know they have had the right programming to bring round the other side but we cant see that while they are behind the moon. Then one day they gradually come back into view and we finally see that they WILL make their way back to earth. They didnt get hurt, they didnt get lost, all will be well. Your children are lucky, they are covered in prayer. They are in Gods hands…and believe He is pretty good at what he does! Hugs dear sister, all will be well.

  2. Hi Charisma , my thoughts and prayers are with you. I was pretty lucky with just two girls and thier teenage years went fairly smooth…lol…. I am having problems with a 40 year old that wants to be 21 single and free when she is married and her children are almost all grown, one 15 going on 35…..I am pretty sure she is going to loose her husband of 19 years…sad. Anyway, I think you have a huge responsiblily with all of the children you have to raise. I think you do a great job and down deep they probably feel the same, it is just the age and thank heavens this to shall pass. I will be praying for you to find your center and peace to stay with you. Your an awesome young lady and God knows your heart is in the right place and things will level out soon. Love and Prayers to you T

  3. Keep It Simple Silly 🙂

    Sorry I have been so absent! Here on your blog as well as on Quilt Connect. The Holidays are not my fondest time of year.. so many expectations, so few met.. Plus, the Holidays have a way of making my situation with my BF seem bleak. (we are waiting for the kids to be done with school, since we live in different towns, before we take the next step). The kids are busy, so we in turn are busy, and time together is short.. I get to feeling impatient, and unhappy. So.. I try to put my head down and just concentrate on getting thru December without having a meltdown. 🙂 And, the great thing is, January is almost here! WOOHOO!!

    Hang in there with those teens.. I know EXACTLY how you feel… I think it is natural and normal.. and a way for the parent/child connection to change, make it easier when they leave the nest. If they were sweet angels like they were as 6 year olds, how would we ever let them go! But, after dealing with a teen for 6 years (give or take) EVERYONE is ready for the distance. 🙂 Thats my take on it anyway.

    I will probably go back into hiding… I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. And i hope 2012 brings you much happiness!!


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