Sunday Sermon 4-15-12

Well today was a good messageone I have heard several times before..but a message than I never tire of.
First of all I have to tell you all that I am committed to going on another mission trip. Funny how it happens. Before I went on my first mission trip to Jamaica. I always said “Oh I could never go on a mission trip”…and then when Tish presented it to me..before thinking about it I said “yes”…..and then had to come home and tell my family.
It was one of the best experiences in my life.
So this last week Tish and I went to lunch. She again asked “Do you want to go on a mission with us?” I again without thinking said “yes”…LOL and had to inform my husband. I have no idea where were are going..who all is going or the details…but it doesn’t matter.
I will keep you all updated when I do find out. This time our group wants to do a more faith based mission. Our last mission was a work based mission within a village that was already aware of God. This time around they want to go somehwere and teach about God.
I don’t want to say I am “worried” …I feel like when you do God’s work it always works out the way it is supposed to…but being a mom I do have some fears about going into dangerous places and not coming back. But I have to push those worries aside and not let them in. God is good and he loves my family more than me. So I will go where ever God leads us…but I really hope it is revealed soon so I can get a grasp on what I am facing. LOL
I know so many people think or say “why go on a mission elsewhere?” you can mission from your own home. I think I do that..everyday. But also I have since learned that the mission feild is a wonderful experience and it makes you tests your faith. I already know in my heart we will be going somewhere scary. I will need to prepare myself…..I will learn more about myself, My God and I will be renewed. I think anyone saved or not benefits from this type of experience. Honestly.
In my last experience that village did more for us ..than we did for them. In all actuality I would like to go there again for a visit…just to catch up with them.
I am waiting to see where we are going ..maybe I can take a few kids with me..depending on cost and location. I would love to take some of my kids…so they can experience this type of service.

Anyhow….that is my lastest news. The sermon today was perfect timing for this week..because this is what I will be teaching on a mission. The way to heaven. Living as a Christian.

The sermon today talked about being reborn into the water {cleansing} and Spirit {power}. We focused on the story of Nicodemus and how when Jesus spoke to him there was no “beating around the bush” he just told him plain as day without sugar coating how you get into heaven. He also called him out on the carpet…by saying How do you teach others? If you don’t believe me? What is Christianity? can we answer that question? Can we define it? It is believing in God. Is it a religion? Is it a belief? I think yes it’s a belief..a religion? I struggle with the word religion..honestly. I want to say “no” to that. What Christianty is to me {after Believing in Christ) is a higher standard of life. Its a way of life. I can’t imagine not having Christ in my life or the center of my life. We all have our testimony…don’t we?
I think the reason we give testimony is to relate to one another. Share experiences..that’s how we operate. That is also why Jesus was sent to us…he was sent on a mission, foreign land, we call earth. So he could share his message. I love when I can relate to him. The way my pastor preached the message today was really good because he talked about us being part of the “Story”. The story isn’t finished yet because we are part of Jesus’ Story…It is still being written..isn’t that fabulous? I don’t think David, Paul or John had that kind of image in their head {or insight}..but now I do..and that makes me want to work all that much harder. I am tired of being the Martha….it’s not about what we can do….nothing has to be perfect or just so….we need to have a heart and relate. Its about enjoying …not always preparing or nesting.
I think we can relate that to quilting….{Sally brought this up a few weeks ago at breakfast}. Are you a quilter that likes the process or the product? I want to be a christian that enjoys life..not the type of person who worries about products..unless it means I am producing good fruit by the spirit.

So I will end on that note. Please pray for my mission….I would apprecaite that. Also if you have been on a mission please share your experiences..if you are interested in going on one..also please contact me.

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